The Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig| Top 5 Options

Buying the best planter for fiddle leaf fig can be challenging. That’s because fiddle leaf fig planters have various shapes, materials, styles, and sizes. Their unique features make choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig a bit tricky, especially for beginner gardeners. However, you can still easily find the best fiddle leaf fig planter with some information about the different types of planters and how to choose them. 

The main reason to be careful in choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig is that the container can significantly impact the plant’s growing conditions and long-term health. Thus, it is essential to know how to select the best planter for fiddle leaf fig that provides the optimal conditions for your plants to grow and develop over time.

However, there are a few questions that you may need to answer before moving on to choosing a planter for fiddle leaf fig. The first one is, can you transplant fiddle leaf fig? Experts recommend repotting a fiddle leaf fig tree whenever it outgrows its current pot. You may also be wondering about when to repot fiddle leaf fig. The plants usually require repotting after about 2 -3 years. Therefore, this option is vital when looking for the best planter for fiddle leaf fig.

The following article will provide guidelines for choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig. It also highlights the top options when shopping for an indoor or outdoor planter for fiddle leaf fig. You can also learn about the best grow bags for tomatoes here.

Choosing the Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf fig trees generally thrive in tight containers with plenty of drainage holes. It is usually advisable to repot fiddle leaf fig trees every two to three years. Unlike most plants, fiddle leaf fig trees can adapt to planters of different materials and shapes. However, containers without proper drainage can serve as a cachepot or planter stand for fiddle leaf fig.

Unlike plants that grow in the wild, growing indoors requires you to provide almost similar conditions to the natural environment. Thus, there are a few factors that you should look into when choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig tree.

Drainage holes

Overwatering is one of the greatest threats to fiddle leaf fig trees’ health, so the best planter for fiddle leaf fig has suitable drainage holes. Please choose a planter pot with drainage for fiddle leaf fig to ensure that your plants do not suffer the impacts of overwatering.

A growing pot with proper drainage holes will let the soil drain quickly and dry out between watering cycles, preventing root rot. The holes allow the excess water to escape, so the plant will only absorb the amount it needs to thrive. The best planter for fiddle leaf fig should have at least one drainage hole, but two or three holes are better. The holes should measure about 2-3 inches in diameter.


The size of the container is also important because sometimes, using a large planter for fiddle leaf fig tree can lead to overwatering. Large containers hold too much soil that could take much longer to dry out. The golden rule is maintaining a proper ratio of roots to the ground, allowing plants to get enough water and dry out before the next cycle.

If the plant has outgrown the current pot and needs repotting, the best planter for fiddle leaf fig must have a bigger size of about 2 – 4 inches in diameter. Alternatively, you should select a growing container similar to its current size if you are repotting a plant with plenty of room in its original container.


Although shape does not necessarily determine the best planter for fiddle leaf fig, you may still want to consider how it complements your plant’s needs, the décor elements in your home, and other preferences. Nonetheless, you should consider a pot whose dimensions will hold the fiddle leaf soil mix you intend to use and is adaptable to the plants’ roots. The shape and depth of your chosen pot should comfortably fit the plant’s root ball.


The fiddle leaf fig trees for sale in nurseries usually come in plastic pots. While a plastic nursery pot is cheap and lightweight, it could be a more decorative planter for fiddle leaf fig. Thus, having a more durable and attractive planter as your fiddle leaf fig’s long-term home would be best. Terracotta is one of the most popular materials that delivers a long-lasting and beautiful indoor plant pot for fiddle leaf fig.

Terracotta has timeless looks that age gracefully and blends in with different types of décor. Besides, its porous clay absorbs moisture from the soil and promotes air circulation around the roots, ensuring optimal growing conditions for fiddle leaf fig plants. The only setback to terracotta planters is that larger pots can be weighty. These attributes make terracotta worth considering when looking for the best planter for fiddle leaf fig.

A glazed ceramic planter for fiddle leaf fig can also deliver outstanding aesthetics, but larger pots are usually heavy and pricey. Some ceramic planters have drainage holes, but others do not, so be very careful when choosing them.


Sometimes, you may find the best planter for fiddle leaf fig that perfectly matches your décor only to realize that it does not have drainage holes. Well, that is not uncommon and happens from time to time. The first option in tackling such a situation is to drill holes in the container for proper drainage. However, use a drill that works for the material of the pot. To avoid drilling holes in the container, consider using it as a planter stand or cachepot.

A cache pot is a decorative pot that conceals the functional but less-attractive container inside it. Cachepots do not usually have drainage holes since they only hold the container with the plant. They come in various materials, including metal, wood, and unglazed ceramic. A cachepot enables you to change the appeal of your fiddle leaf fig without repotting it. And this attribute makes it the best planter for fiddle leaf fig for some gardeners.

Baskets usually make incredible cache pots for fiddle leaf fig trees due to their unique styles. Apart from their striking appeal, they come in various shapes, patterns, and colors to match different interior styles. Besides, they are relatively cheaper than larger containers.

Other Features of Planters

Apart from the draining holes, size, material, and shape, there are other features of planters that you may also want to look into when choosing containers for your fiddle leaf fig trees. For example, a self-watering planter for fiddle leaf fig has a water reservoir at the bottom that allows the plant to absorb water at its own pace.

It also shows you whenever the plant needs watering as you can quickly check the water level in the reservoir. Do fiddle leaf figs like self-watering pots? Unlike other growing pots, a self-watering planter enables your plant to get just the right amount of water without any guesswork. Thus, it is an option worth considering for your fiddle leaf figs.

Fabric aeration pots are also different from standard planters. Also known as Smart pot fabric pots, the containers improve the root structure of your plants by allowing the maximum flow of oxygen to the root ball. Studies show plants that grow in fabric pots tend to create intensely branched rooting structures.

Top 5 Fiddle Leaf Fig Planters- The Reviews

Planters are generally available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. The variety of options is one of the reasons why choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig can be confusing to some people. The following section discusses the top choices to help you to narrow down to the most suitable planter for your fiddle leaf fig tree.

1.   The Honeycomb White Planter

The Honeycomb white planter is an excellent pick for a medium-sized fiddle leaf fig tree, with plenty of room for the plant to grow. The planter’s simplistic design perfectly complements a minimalist décor and allows the plants’ vibrant green leaves to take center stage. Like its name, the planter has a slightly molted honeycomb texture, elevating its visual appeal with a unique touch. The honeycomb white planter is also quite durable, but it does not have drainage holes. That means you can either drill holes into it or use it as a cachepot for your fiddle leaf fig tree.

2.   Terracotta Planter

Terracotta is an excellent choice for growers who demand a modern planter for fiddle leaf fig. Planters made of terracotta have been in the market for several years due to their unique aesthetics and incredible longevity. The terracotta planter looks great in every space, including indoors and outdoors.

However, the clay used in making the pots tends to absorb more moisture than most materials. Thus, it needs a close watch on the plant to ensure it does not dry too much. One of the unique things about terracotta planters is that you can also get versions made from alternative materials such as plastic.

3.   Seagrass Basket 

The Seagrass planter boasts a casual look that can easily sit well with different types of décor. It is a classic planter for fiddle leaf fig, with a natural straw color that perfectly offsets the plant’s dark leaves. It is an excellent pick for an eco-friendly planter, handwoven from natural seagrass. However, that also means you must set it up with a growing pot containing your plant. The Seagrass Basket is mainly suitable as a cachepot or a planter stand.

4.   Stone Square Concrete Effect

The Stone Square Concrete Effect is another option to consider when buying the best planter for fiddle leaf fig. It’s distinctive aesthetic appeal stands out in every décor. Besides, it is made from concrete, making it highly durable and long-lasting. This planter has significant functional and aesthetic benefits, making it one of the best planter for fiddle leaf fig trees.

It also comes with a drainage hole to ensure that your plants do not experience the impacts of overwatering. The planter comes square but is available in multiple sizes for small, medium, and more giant fiddle leaf figs. The only constraint is that large concrete planters are heavy and expensive.

5.   Tall Tapered Black Planter

Finally, consider the Tall Tapered Black Planter when looking for the best planter for fiddle leaf fig. It is also an excellent choice for fiddle leaf fig trees due to its ability to hold more mature plants due to its elongated shape. Besides, this planter has a striking modern appeal that can quickly transform the feel of your décor.

Despite its tall structure, the planter has an in-built removable shelf, making it quite versatile. That option allows you to place the growing pot higher if the plant is not tall enough to sit at the bottom. Nonetheless, the design of this pot makes it ideal for preventing fiddle leaf fig repotting shock. It is large but relatively lightweight, ensuring greater convenience whenever you need to move the plants.

Final Word

Choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig is essential to giving your plants optimal growing conditions all year round. The best planter can also go a long way in enhancing your home’s interior and exterior décor. As discussed above, planters are available in diverse sizes, styles, shapes, and materials. Besides, some pots also come with unique features such as self-watering and aeration capabilities. Considering all those factors is critical to selecting the best planter for fiddle leaf fig plants. This article has also reviewed the top-rated planters to help you quickly narrow down to the best planter for fiddle leaf fig.


When are pots best for fig leaf?

Pots are best for fiddle leaf figs at all the growth stages. The growing pots come in various sizes and shapes for holding small, medium-sized, and more giant mature fiddle leaf figs. However, repot the plants every 2 to 3 years.

What is the best material for a planter for a fiddle leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf fig trees can adapt to planters of different materials, including terracotta, concrete, plastic, and even natural products. However, terracotta or other earthenware pots are the best because they allow the plants to breathe correctly and are stylish and durable.

What size planter should I use for my fiddle leaf fig tree?

Although the size is relatively small when choosing the best planter for fiddle leaf fig, you need one that will allow your plant adequate space to grow over time. The ideal planter should be manageable since that would hinder rooting and cause waterlogging. The size of the planter depends on the plant size and the available spaces where you will use it.

Can I grow a fiddle leaf fig in a low-light room?

Unlike most plants, fiddle leaf fig has specific lighting requirements that gardeners must meet for it to thrive. The plants need a lot of bright, indirect sunlight, with exposure to a few hours of direct sun daily. Thus, you cannot grow fiddle leaf fig in a low-light room.

How often should I water my fiddle leaf fig tree?

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are susceptible to overwatering but still need an adequate water supply to stay healthy and flourish. The best watering cycle for fiddle leaf fig trees should be about once a week or every ten days. Nonetheless, using a self-watering planter for fiddle leaf fig can ensure your plants get a constant supply of just the right amount of water.

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