Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes| Top 7 Picks

Investing in the best grow bags for tomatoes is an excellent way to produce tomatoes in your garden. However, picking the best tomato grow bags can take time due to the many options available in the market. 

For this reason, Gardenterprise has prepared this guide to give you an easy time picking the right tomato grow bag for your needs. It describes the vital features of the best grow bags for tomatoes, including their pros and cons. With this information, you can choose the ideal growing bags for tomatoes and boost your yield. 

Moreover, this guide highlights the benefits of tomato grow bags in a backyard or kitchen garden. 

Why Use the Best Grow Bags For Tomatoes?

Are grow bags good for tomatoes? The answer is a resounding yes! Grow bags allow for cultivating tomatoes within a small garden or space in your home. Using the best grow bags for tomatoes has many advantages over conventional growing methods. Here are the top reasons to use the best grow bags for tomato plants.

Tomato Grow Bags are Highly Durable

Unlike homemade buckets, the best grow bags for tomatoes are from renowned manufacturers. The companies producing them have a reputation for delivering top-notch quality grow bags. They use quality fabrics to manufacture residential and commercial tomato grow bags. Additionally, these products undergo the necessary quality checks. Therefore, the best tomato grow bags can last up to three years. 

Grow Bags are Easy to Install

Tomato plants are sensitive to environmental changes. Therefore, even a single minor mistake could lead to uncountable losses. That’s why some tomato farmers resort to constructing raised planting beds, which consumes time and is expensive. However, by using the best fabric grow bags for tomatoes, you can avoid the raised planting beds. The best grow bags for tomatoes are effortless to install and don’t have extra costs because you can do the installation and planting yourself.

Grow Bags Enhance the Safety of Your Tomato Plants

You’ll not obtain your desired harvests if you expose your tomato plants to diseases. Also, pests threaten your plants because they can lower productivity significantly. With the best grow bags for tomatoes, you won’t worry about diseases and pests because they let you seamlessly put the plants away from other crops. 

Grow Bags are Incredibly Flexible

Flexibility is profoundly vital in any project you undertake, including tomato growing. The best grow bags for tomatoes let you plant tomatoes almost anywhere in your compound. For instance, you can grow tomatoes effectively in parking lots, along the driveway, or even on the deck.

Tomato Grow Bags Facilitate Better Root Development

Choosing the best grow bags for tomatoes is vital because every plant requires healthy roots for proper growth and productivity. Therefore, your tomatoes will only produce the desired yield if they have healthy and well-developed roots. Using grow bags for greenhouse tomatoes encourage root branching, increasing water and mineral uptake. Consequently, your tomatoes thrive and eventually produce high yields. 

Grow Bags Ensure the Correct Soil Characteristics

The soil where your tomatoes grow is vital in determining the harvest you’ll get. Controlling the conditions of the natural grounds in your compound can take time and effort. But the task becomes flawless with the best soil for tomatoes in grow bags. That’s because you can apply a fertilizer with the proper nutrients directly to the potting soil in the tomato grow bag.  

What are the Best Size Grow Bags for Tomatoes?

The best grow bags for tomatoes fall between 5 and 15 gallons. However, the most popular option is the 5-gallon grow bag for tomatoes. However, you can find a smaller grow bag if you have a more miniature garden or want to ensure a hustle-free movement.

So, what are the best grow bags for tomatoes? Well, there’s nothing like one-size-fits-all with the best grow bags for tomatoes. However, the current market has several options when choosing your tomato grow bags. At Gardenterprise, we simplify your buying process by reviewing the top 5 grow bags for tomatoes. 

Reviews of the Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes  

Different gardeners have varying preferences when choosing their grow bags for tomatoes. Nevertheless, according to users’ feedback, this article reviews the top 7 best tomato grow bags in the market. 

1.   VIVOSUN Grow Bags

VIVOSUN grow bags are among the best for cultivating various tomato varieties. The manufacturer offers the best grow bag size for tomatoes, making it easier for gardeners to find products that suit their needs. Once you buy VIVOSUN grow bags, the package comes with up to 5 pieces with an excellent design.

Another remarkable thing about VIVOSUN tomato growing bags is their unique and sturdy handles. These ensure you don’t worry about breakdowns while carrying your grow Bags from one point to another. Perhaps, this is among the reasons they are some of the best grow bags for tomatoes in the market. The options available include:

  • 5-gallon grow bags for tomatoes 
  • 7-gallon grow bags for tomatoes 
  • 10-gallon grow bags for tomatoes 
  • 30-gallon grow bags for tomatoes. 

With this variety, you can quickly pick the tomato grow bag size that meets your expectations. However, it’s essential to note that most tomato varieties use grow bag sizes ranging from 5 to 15 gallons.

VIVOSUN tomato grow bags might also interest you if you’re looking for something that guarantees your plants the correct soil-air characteristics. These tomato grow bags have excellent permeability, ensuring proper water retention. Therefore, your tomatoes won’t suffer excessive watering if you install VIVOSUN hanging grow bags for tomatoes.


  • They are versatile and can withstand heavy usage without any issues.
  • Each package comes with 5 grow bag pieces.
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on all its grow bag products.
  • This 5-gallon option is the ideal size for tomato cultivation.
  • Other sizes are available for various uses.
  • They are reliable and last longer.
  • They have strong handles to facilitate seamless movement from one point to the next. 
  • They have excellent permeability to water, which ensures desired soil aeration. 
  • They are ideal for various environmental conditions. 
  • They are affordable.


  • These growing bags for tomato plants are available only in one color.

2.   The Smart Pots

Smart Pots growing bags can make your tomato farming more meaningful. For example, they are eco-friendly grow bags for tomatoes. Additionally, their excellent resistance to UV radiation ensures your plant’s roots remain cool during summer. The unparalleled capacity makes Smart pots appear among the best grow bags for tomatoes. If you prefer something more significant than 5, 7, or 15-gallon grow bags, you can go for larger Smart Pots grow bags. Thus, you can plant multiple tomato plants in one Smart Pots growing bag.

If the incredible capacity of these tomato growing bags didn’t impress you, then their durability will. Smart pots grow bags can serve you long enough until you harvest your tomatoes due to their unparalleled sturdy design. Also, their manufacturing material is resistant to environmental damage. So, if you landed here after searching for “the best grow bags for tomatoes near me” online, consider buying the Smart Pots grow bags. 

Smart Pots’ excellence goes beyond durability and environmental friendliness. With these grow bags for cultivating tomatoes, your plants will benefit from optimum temperature ranges. That’s because the material the manufacturer uses to make smart pots support the growth of a particular type of bacteria that improves soil temperature characteristics. 


  • They enhance better soil temperature characteristics.
  • Their resistance to UV radiation makes them friendlier to yourself and your tomato plants.
  • They have an incredible capacity for hosting many plants at once.
  • They boast excellent air pruning capabilities for desired root development.
  • They are durable. 


  • Their larger sizes make them difficult to carry, especially when full of rooting medium.
  • The handles are too small. 
  • You could spend more dollars to buy one. 

3.   The WINNER OUTFITTERS Tomato Growing Bag

Listing the best grow bags for tomatoes while skipping WINNER OUTFITTERS would be unfair. That’s because it’s another reliable tomato growing bag option to consider when shopping. WINNER OUTFITTERS are a product of a unique fabric material that’s incredibly durable. This excellent tomato growing bag can give your plants the courage to face even the deadliest weather conditions. For example, it provides much-needed coldness during the summer. Additionally, winters will be manageable for your tomatoes because the fabric material that has gone into WINNER OUTFITTERS generates warmth during icy weather. 

Choosing WINNER OUTFITTERS allows you to enjoy various grow bag size options. For instance, this brand has 5-gallon grow bags for tomatoes. It also has 3, 7, or 10-gallon tomato grow bags. Besides, the package comprises a total of 6 best grow bags for tomatoes. Thus, this brand gives you value for the money you invest in your grow bags. 

This growing bag might be your best match if you want something to improve water retention when growing tomatoes. That’s because its material could be more porous but ensures adequate aeration for the plant roots. Installing a WINNER OUTFITTERS tomato growing pot can make you forget problems like root circling. That’s because of the air-pruning effect of the manufacturer’s unwoven material to make the growing bags.


  • A pocket-friendly option, but it still does a beautiful job.
  • Available in various sizes (3, 5, 7, and 10 gallons).
  • It uses a unique material that cools plants during the summer and warms them up during the winter. 
  • The unwoven fabric reduces permeability to water, thereby lowering water wastage. 
  • It curbs root circling due to its air pruning capabilities. 


  • It is not very comfortable to carry with the handles. 
  • No color varieties for now.

4.   The 10 Gallon ANPHSIN Grow Bag

As one of the best grow bags for tomatoes, the 10-gallon ANPHSIN growing bag can do wonders for you. Remember that excessive water accumulation compromises soil aeration, which can hurt your tomato plants significantly. But it’s good that this growing bag for tomatoes is utterly impervious to water but has some holes to facilitate the drainage of the excess water out of the pot. Moreover, mold growth will no longer be challenging with this 10-gallon tomato growing bag because it kills mold. Importantly, ANPHSIN Grow bags use a strong plastic material for increased durability.

Additionally, most tomato growers like to use the 10-gallon ANPHSIN because of the excellent cultivation environment it offers. This grow bag creates enough space for planting your tomato plants while ensuring a stable condition, vital for healthy growth and more productive performance. Another factor making ANPHSIN bags feature among the best grow bags for tomatoes is their ease of handling. Due to their relatively smaller size, you only need a little effort to relocate them. Importantly, they don’t require any pre-use assembly. Also, you can reuse ANPHSIN tomato grow bags without any difficulties.


  • It kills molds, thus keeping your tomatoes and people safe.
  • It comes with horizontal handles that facilitate seamless single-handed operations. 
  • It has holes that prevent excessive water accumulation, ensuring proper root development and the overall good health of tomatoes.
  • It uses a premium-quality fabric material for an extended lifespan.
  • It consumes less space.
  • It’s easy to move around.
  • It provides stable soil conditions for optimal tomato growth.


  • It needs to look better.
  • The handles could be more efficient.

5.   Ming Wei Grow Bag

The 10-gallon Ming Wei grow bag comes at position five in the list of the best grow bags for tomatoes. This tomato growing pot is ideal for most tomato varieties. And even if you want your tomatoes in 5-gallon grow bags, this Ming Wei product can still serve you because it’s available in various sizes. Ming Wei grow bags are available in several colors for those sensitive to colors. Therefore, you can find a Ming Wei tomato grow bag that fit excellently in most spaces within your compound and blend well with the landscape. 

One thing that will excite you about Ming Wei tomato growing bags is how they allow plant roots to develop well and thrive. That’s because of the excellent soil aeration capabilities they have. Additionally, this growing pot for tomatoes is relatively easy to handle since it has handles that make this possible.


  • It ensures outstanding root development.
  • It’s available in various impressive colors.
  • Other sizes other than 15 gallons are available.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It has well-designed and sturdy handles, thus facilitating seamless operations. 


  • Its fabric might encourage mold growth after some time. 

6.   ECOgardener Tomato Growing Bag

If you’re interested in buying the best grow bags for tomatoes, you should know more about the ECOgardener. Its square shape makes it unique and can significantly add to your compound’s aesthetics. Also, this tomato growing pot is ideal if you have pets at home. It’s effective in keeping them away from your tomato plants, always assuring you of good harvests. The other aspect making ECOgardener tomato growing bags unique is their availability in multiple sizes. However, the 7-gallon option is the largest, making this product one of the most mobile growing bags for tomatoes. 

Like other best grow bags for tomatoes, ECOgardener boasts superior soil aeration and water drainage characteristics. Your plants will only experience oxygen shortages if you do not use the best soil mix for tomatoes in grow bags. Additionally, the low rate of water percolation ECOgardener growing pots provide improves water preservation. Thanks to the technology for making the fabric, you still won’t see any water-logging incidents.


  • It’s easy to wash tomato growing bags, thus saving you time.
  • It’s suitable for growing other things too.
  • It provides favorable soil conditions due to excellent drain rates.
  • Multiple size options are available.
  • It’s the best option for preserving water.
  • The brand offers reusable grow bags for tomatoes.


  • The square shape makes this bag challenging to carry around. 
  • Larger ones need handles. 

7.   GardZen Grow Bags 

GardZen is also one of the best grow bags for tomatoes. And this isn’t accidental, but due to the numerous advantages this product offers to tomato cultivation enthusiasts. GardZen presents the unique opportunity to select from a wide range of grow bag sizes. The smallest one is 1 gallon, and the largest is 30 gallons. Moreover, GardZen tomato growing bags are washable, making reusing them possible, which saves tomato growers some dollars over time. 

Regarding material, this GardZen product has one of the best. For instance, the felt material is top-notch and can host your tomatoes long before needing a replacement. Moreover, the material curbs water loss because it has favorable retention characteristics. And importantly, you can easily handle GardZen grow bags because of their lightweight and cylindrical design. And this makes them one of the best grow bags for tomato plants today. Additionally, the circular cross-section ensures uniform distribution of water and nutrients in the soil mix. 


  • It’s washable and reusable.
  • It has a highly durable felt material.
  • It has perfect water retention and aeration characteristics.
  • It allows for minimal water loss.
  • It’s straightforward to install and move around.


  • GardZen tomato growing bags take time to dry if you wash them. 

Invest in the best grow bags for tomatoes to start cultivating this vegetable or fruit in your garden. Remember that incredible tomato growth and productivity require consistent water and nutrient supply. Therefore, choose a tomato grow bag that lets you provide this to your plants. Also, invest in the best grow bags for tomatoes after considering your garden size and the number of tomato plants you want.  


Which grow bags are the best for tomatoes?

Various factors determine the best grow bags for tomatoes for any gardener. For example, different tomato varieties require varied spacing. Also, the number of tomato plants you want will dictate the grow bag to buy. Nevertheless, the best grow bag for tomatoes has the correct material, size, and quality potting soil mix. 

Do tomatoes grow well in grow bags?

Yes. Tomatoes grow well in grow bags, which is why many people use them. However, perfect growth is only guaranteed if you pick the right size and ensure the grow bag facilitates root aeration, nutrient retention or uptake by the plant, and proper water drainage. 

Should you grow tomatoes in pots or grow bags?

While pots and grow bags offer excellent environments for growing tomatoes, grow bags are a little more versatile. You might prefer tomato grow bags because of their lightweight and fantastic aeration for healthy root systems. Additionally, the best grow bags for tomatoes can easily fit in most spaces, making them very flexible and suitable for people with small gardens. 

How many tomatoes should you plant in a grow bag?

The number of tomatoes you grow in a given grow bag depends on the size. For instance, larger grow bags can accommodate more tomatoes than their smaller counterparts. Nevertheless, always remember to use the best grow bags for tomatoes to maximize yields.

What grow bag size for tomatoes do I need?

Even though various grow bag sizes exist, you ideally want something smaller. A moderate bag of 5 or 7 gallons can serve you well as you can move them around quite quickly. Nevertheless, the ideal grow bag size for tomatoes depends on your space and gardening requirements. 

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