Gen Hydro Flora Series Review- Uses & Benefits  

Feeding your plants is relatively straightforward with the Gen Hydro Flora Series. This 3-part nutrient system makes feeding the crops with precise nutrients easier. It’s among the best products for hobbyists and commercial growers. This blog article explains what you need to know about the General Hydroponics Flora Series before using it in your garden.

What is the Gen Hydro Flora Series?

General Hydroponics Flora Series is a 3-part nutrient system that provides all the necessary plant supplements in one box. The hydroponic-based nutrient system enables the grower to fulfill their plants’ nutrient requirements at every growth stage. Its nutrients include FloraMicro, FloraGrow, and FloraBloom.

Using this nutrient system is straightforward, since you can customize it to suit your plants at every stage. Thus, it helps you deliver consistent and precise feeding to your plants to facilitate robust growth, and healthy flowers, buds, and fruits.

The Highlights of the General Hydroponics Flora Series

Whether you want to grow an entire warehouse or nurture one plant, the General Hydroponics Flora Series has the necessary ingredients for your crop. Moreover, it separates the base nutrient systems into the following components to enable gardeners to develop nutrient profiles for their plants.


FloraMicro tops the General Hydroponics Flora Series feeding chart. It contains calcium, nitrogen, potassium, and other micronutrients, essential for optimal plant growth. It also has trace elements and a mix of chelated micronutrients.


FloraGrow provides additional potassium and nitrogen for foliar and structural growth. Together with the other formulas, it promotes vegetative growth and the development of more leaves and branches. Nevertheless, its primary focus is on foliar and structural growth with potassium, nitrogen, and secondary elements like sulfate and magnesium.


FloraBloom comprises potassium, phosphorus, and secondary elements like sulfate and magnesium. Together with the other formulas, FloraBloom supports the flowering and fruiting stage. It enhances the development of buds and bigger flowers.

Gen Hydro Flora Series Feed Chart

The General Hydroponics Flora Series chart has two sections. These are basic and expert sections. The basic feeding chart has Micro, Gro, and Bloom nutrients. Florakleen is for flushing the rooting system while Ripen is for the fattening duration. The expert chart has four additional additives for improving the results. When using the expert chart, please remember to incorporate expert and basic products.

Some additives and fertilizers can affect the pH of the nutrient solution. Moreover, use filtered or distilled water. Alternatively, ensure the mineral levels are incredibly low. Also, the chart indicates the correct EC levels for every dose and phase.

Each chart has plant phases instead of weeks. That way, following the chats is relatively easy, whether growing plants indoors or outdoors. Remember, these chats are for guidance purposes only. Hence, please respond to your plants’ health accordingly.

For instance, if you over-fertilize the plants accidentally, following the chart can be meaningless because they won’t absorb more nutrients. Additionally, the climate and plant type may require you to adjust the doses.

General Hydroponics Flora Series in Coco & Hydro

Gen Hydro Flora Series feeding chart for coco and hydro

General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Chart for Soil

Gen hydro flora series feeding chart for soil

How to Use Gen Hydro Flora Series – Tips for Optimal Usage

Just like humans, a proper diet is vital for plants. However, different plants have varying nutrient requirements, which also change during their growth cycle. So, how can you use the Gen Hydro Flora Series to keep your vegetables, fruits, and flowers healthy? Here’s how to use General Hydroponics Flora Series for optimal growth and excellent yields.

  • FloraMicro: Use it to enhance plant growth and bloom cycles.
  • FloraGro: Use it to help the plant establish strong roots, especially during the vegetative phase.
  • FloraBloom: Use this during the flowering and fruiting phases.

You can fulfill your plant’s nutrient needs depending on the environment and growth stage by using various combinations. Aim to provide an ideal balance of primary, secondary, and micronutrients to your crop. That way, you’ll have vigorous plants, nutrient-dense crops, large flowers, and enhanced yields.

Benefits of General Hydroponics Flora Series

The Gen Hydro Flora Series provides vital nutrients for the plant at every growth phase. Here are the benefits of using it in your garden.

  • It supplies the primary, secondary, and micronutrients for better crop quality and enhanced yields.
  • It allows indoor gardeners to adjust the mixtures to suit their plant requirements.
  • Its pH balance makes it easy to use, especially for beginner gardeners.
  • It has highly purified concentrates, enhancing solubility.
  • It improves nutrition, aroma, essential oils, and flavor in soil- and hydroponic-cultivated plants.
  • Its components target plant growth at various stages.

Final Words

The General Hydroponics Flora Series provides three base nutrients that most plants need to grow, flower, and bear fruit. FloraMicro, FloraGrow, and FloraBloom supply the necessary ingredients for growing most plants from the beginning to the end. Moreover, you can use them in hydroponic, soil, aeroponic, and coco media. Nevertheless, use them correctly to reap the benefits listed in this general hydroponics flora series review.


What is the Gen Hydro Flora Series?

The General Hydroponics Flora Series is a nutrient system, comprising FloraMicro, FloraGro, and FloraBloom, which helps growers fulfill their plants’ nutrient requirements at all growth stages. FloraMicro is the primary or building block of this hydroponic-based nutrient system.

How long can the General Hydroponics Flora Series last?

The Gen Hydro Flora Series has a long shelf life. Unopened and stored properly in a cool environment and out of sunlight, the General Hydroponics Flora Series can last for years. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends using the contents in opened bottles within six months while storing it in a cool, dark environment.

Is Gen Hydro Flora Series good?

As long as you know what you’re searching for, this product is excellent for gardeners. It provides the nutrients that various plants need for proper growth, fruiting, and yielding. However, please avoid over-feeding the plants since it is a nutrient-dense product.

Can I use the General Hydroponic Flora Series in soil?

This product’s name makes some people think it’s for hydroponics only. However, you can use it in soil and coco. Please follow the Gen Hydro Flora Series chart to use it correctly in soil, aero, coco, and hydroponics.

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