Power SI Foliar Spray – How it Works & Benefits

Power SI foliar spray is gaining popularity among gardeners worldwide. It’s an exciting nutrient supplement for many growers who desire quick, visible effects. This foliar spray has earned a place in many gardens’ nutritional regimens, regardless of their scale, size, or complexity.

What is Power SI Foliar Spray?

Power SI foliar spray is an organic bio-mix comprising highly bioavailable macro and micronutrients. It is the original version of stabilized bioavailable silica acid for plants. Power SI bloom foliar spray is a highly concentrated, pure formula that delivers quick visible effects.

How Power SI Bloom Works

You’ll notice enhancements in plant vigor and yields while improving flowering if you follow Power SI foliar spray instructions. This product combines the natural impact of organic plant antioxidants, L-amino acids, low-weight humic compounds, and phyto enzymes to provide the raw materials your plants need to boost health and metabolism.

Since this foliar spray works as a transport agent, it brings more nutrients from the root zone to the top parts of the plant. Hence, you notice vigor and strength when you use Power SI as a foliar spray. Moreover, it reduces crop dehydration and nutrient salt buildup.

Many Power SI foliar spray reviews report stronger plants with better resistance to diseases. Also, users notice a reduction in the space between inter-nodes, which is usually due to nutritional imbalances and environmental stress.

Benefits of Using Power SI Foliar Spray

So, how does Power SI original foliar spray affect your plants? This foliar spray facilitates nutrient absorption. Since silicon limits optimal crop quality and yield, this product facilitates its fast delivery to the plants. Here are the benefits of using Power SI foliar spray in your garden.

  • Better tissue strength and plant vigor
  • Stronger cell walls
  • Decreased internodal spacing
  • Better lateral branching
  • Increased nutrient absorption, especially calcium and magnesium
  • Thicker stems and stalks
  • Optimal plant health
  • Increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Healthier plants with higher yields
  • Better germination
  • Faster, homogeneous ripening
  • Improved protein synthesis
  • Increased resin, terpene, and trichome production
  • Larger and dense flowers
  • It doesn’t affect the pH
  • It’s compatible with most nutrient formulas for plants on the current market

Adding Power SI to a normal plant regimen is straightforward, meaning you can add it to your current regimen. Since it acts as a nutrient transporter, it works as a vehicle that helps your plants pull the necessary nutrients and elements via the root system and into their cell walls. Hence, it boosts the general strength of your plants while stimulating immune responses.

How to Use Power SI Foliar Spray

Experts recommend using power SI original during vegetative growth and cloning. Since it contains silicic acid or silicon, it improves the plants’ resistance to abiotic stresses, including heat, cold, salinity, and drought. Also, it has proven its ability to enhance the plants’ structural strengths.

For better results, ensure proper Power SI original foliar spray dosage. Essentially, it should get into clean water first before the other supplements or fertilizers. The best Power SI foliar application rate is 2-4ml per water gallon for foliar feeding and 0.5ml per water gallon for root zone applications. Follow this Power SI foliar feed chart for excellent results:

Power SI foliar spray

Besides the above Power SI bloom feeding chart, some experts recommend the following dosage depending on the plant type and growth phase:

Dosage for vegetables:

  • Week One: 1-0.5ml per gallon of water
  • Week Two: 2-0.5ml per gallon of water
  • Week 3: 3-0.5ml per gallon of water

Dosage for clones:

  • 0.5ml per gallon of water

Power SI website has more information, including the best practices for application timing. Please check it out for more details regarding the application.


Power SI Original foliar spray is among the top silica acids on the current market. It comprises an organic biological mixture of highly bioavailable macro and micronutrients that facilitate nutrient absorption. Using Power SI as a foliar spray increases resistance to salinity while minimizing transpiration. Also, it leads to better results within days. It stands out from the other silicate products since they are not bio-available. Hence, they need more microbial interaction and time to be available to the crops.


Can I apply Power SI as a foliar spray?

Yes. You can use it as a foliar spray and as a soil drench. You can turbocharge your crop by applying it as a foliar spray to facilitate a quicker transition into bloom, increased lateral branching, and inter-node spacing.

What does Power SI original foliar spay do for plants?

Unlike most silicon amendments, Power SI works faster. It works as the vehicle that brings nutrients to the rest of the plant from the root zone. Adding it to your plant’s nutritional regimen yields stronger and thicker stems.

What is the best application rate for Power SI Bloom?

The application rate varies depending on the plant type and growth phase. However, 3ml per 5 gallons of water is the ideal application rate. Since it’s highly concentrated, pure, and fast-acting, you need a smaller amount than other silicate products. Moreover, plants absorb it better than other silicates.

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