Plants that Look like Palm Trees| 7 Palm-Like Plants

Are you searching for plants that look like palm trees? The good thing is that there is a variety of such plants from which you can choose. Palm trees are usually considered best for decoration purposes. Their appearance is generally attractive and appealing. Furthermore, such trees complement the ambiance in a particular setting, which is why people like them.

The only problem is that palm trees could do better in some places than others. However, this should be fine if you are an enthusiast of palm trees. You can consider plants that look like palm trees and plant them in your home to complement the surrounding. There are indoor plants that look like palm trees that can complement your house’s interior. Alternatively, you can consider outdoor plants that look like palm trees to complement your home environment. Also, you can learn more air plants and cats here. But going back to the topic, here are seven plants that look like palm trees: 

Chamaedorea Elegans- Best Plants That Look like Palm Trees

If you are looking for a small plant that looks like palm trees, Chamaedorea Elegans can make an ideal choice. The plant grows both indoors and outdoors, which is an added advantage. Instead of settling for fake palm trees for decoration, consider Chamaedorea Elegans. Chamaedorea Elegans is typical in the rainforest regions in the southern part of Mexico. The good thing is that the plant can be transplanted to areas with similar climate elements and still play a decorative role. The long attractive leaves and the cane-like stem are among the features that make Chamaedorea Elegans an ideal choice. 

1.   Cardboard Tree Palm 

If you live in a place that does not support the growth of palm trees, cardboard tree palm can work as an ideal alternative. Cardboard tree palm thrives well in areas with moderate humidity. Additionally, cardboard tree palm can perform well in shady places, which makes it an ideal choice for indoor purposes. That’s a perfect choice if you are looking for indoor plants that look like palm trees. The main benefit of cardboard tree palm is that it remains evergreen even in dry areas. The dark green pointed leaves are a splendid complement to your house. 

If you are looking for plants that look like palm trees and are easy to maintain and take care of, Zumiafurfuracea (cardboard tree palm) is the choice for you. You can plant the cardboard tree palm seeds and wait for the plant to grow into maturity within two years. Cardboard Tree Palm are usually short; hence they can be placed indoors without causing any inconveniences. 

2.   Chinese Fan Palm 

If you are interested in outdoor plants that look like palm trees, then Chinese Fan Palm could be your best choice. Scientifically known as LivistonaChinensis, the plant originates from the subtropical areas of Asia. It is, however, notable that the plant can thrive in different climatic settings. Its versatility in survival has seen its prominence grow globally. 

In most cases, Chinese Fan Palm is used aesthetically in decorating walkways and roadsides within the home compound. That’s among the preferred options for imitation palm trees for landscaping. One of the reasons the plant thrives well outdoors is its high demand for sunlight. That means light deficiency can stall the growth process of the Chinese fan palm. 

3.   Madagascar Palm 

Are you looking for a palm tree alternative for gardens? People use Madagascar Palm in landscaping to complement their gardens. It is one of the non-tropical palm trees that perform well in various climatic settings. Instead of looking for faux palm trees, it would be better to consider this non-tropical species for your garden. 

One of the best things about Madagascar palm is that it requires minimal maintenance. Simple pruning is enough to facilitate growth for the plant. It is among the plants that look like palm trees which suit beginner gardeners at any time. Notably, the plant grows up to 20 feet, which makes it one of the palm tree replicas for outdoor décor. 

Cat Palm- Indoor Plants That Look Like Palm Trees

Experts recommend this for those looking for small palm tree lookalikes. It is one of the palm tree alternatives for garden. Cat palm is among bushes that look like palm trees since they develop many leaves quickly. In essence, Cat Palm features multiple thin stems, which is why the plant forms a bush as it develops. The good thing is that Cat palms can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference. It is essential to ensure the proper maintenance of the plant and water it adequately. 

For indoor purposes, it is essential to ensure that soil composition is adequate regarding nutrients and humidity. Moisture levels should also be moderate to facilitate good growth. Considering the plant does not grow tall, it would work ideally in small indoor spaces. You can place the plants along the house corridors to complement the interior décor. 

4.   Bamboo Palm 

Here is what you might need if you are looking for handy palms for pots. Instead of synthetic palm trees for indoors, this could be a better option. Many people recognize Bamboo Palm as one of the best small palm trees for indoor décor. One of the notable things is that Bamboo palm does not require much light to thrive. Bamboo Palm thrives well in shady places. Therefore, it is among the plants that look like palm trees suitable for indoor decorations and aesthetics. 

The beautiful feathery fronds that the plant feature are a complement to your indoor environment. It is, however, essential to note that Bamboo palms have higher management demands. Primarily, you should ensure that the plant grows in moderately moist soil. Additionally, you should improve the soil quality by applying fertilizer at least once every month. Ensure that the fertilizer measurements are accurate. The tree size and soil amount in the pot are the core determinants of how much fertilizer to apply. 

5.   Pygmy Date Palm 

One notable thing about Pygmy Date Palm is that it grows to an average height of 3-5 feet. That’s one of the plants that look like palm, mainly used for indoor purposes. The dwarf nature renders it non-invasive palm tree lookalikes. Pygmy Date Palm can be placed in small spaces within your house to complement the indoor décor. The idea is to ensure that the plant is granted ample space with a sufficient supply of light. Although the plant is not demanding in terms of sunlight, good lighting is necessary. 

An additional benefit of Pygmy Date Palm is the drought tolerance aspect. This plant remains green and can thrive even without an adequate water supply. Pygmy Date Palm can handle light frosts, which is an added benefit for those living in dry places. The main idea is to keep the plant well-managed for beauty maintenance. Watering the plant and applying fertilizer in the surrounding soil is recommended. That way, the plant will grow flawlessly and healthily. 

6.   Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm is among the short palm trees for indoors due to its elegance and beauty. Notably, it’s among the species that grow fast as long as gardeners adequately provide the necessary nutrients. It is also notable that Majesty Palm can grow up to 15 feet. Therefore, the plant suits both indoor and outdoor environments. 

If your house is spacious enough, you might consider Majesty Palm an interior décor complement. The plant can hit fifteen feet, so ample growth space is needed. It is, however, possible to regulate the height of the plant by pruning the crown and some stems. Ensure professional pruning to avoid impacting plant growth negatively. 

And this could fit the purpose if you are looking for outdoor plants that look like palm trees. Majesty Palm thrives well in places of adequate light, but outdoor environments can also support its growth. Alternatively, the plant can be grown indoors since it tolerates shades. 

Cascade Palm- Beautiful Plants That Look Like Palm Trees

Cascade palm is among the trees that look like palm trees but aren’t. Replacing fake palm trees for decoration with the Cascade species will make your home look better. You may want to replace palm trees with thorns. Cascade Palm is undoubtedly one of the best options for replacing and complementing your home. That’s worth your consideration if you are looking for bushes that look like palm trees. 

Cascade Palm is clumping in nature and has a short trunk. Aside from that, Cascade Palm grows in a shrubby way, which makes it unique, especially when placed indoors. It is essential to ensure adequate pruning when growing the plant indoors and if the container is small. It is necessary to provide a proper water supply for the plant to ensure it remains healthy throughout the growth process. The plant thrives well in shady environments, which is why most people use it for indoor decorations. 

Soil fertility is necessary for ensuring that Cascade palm thrives. In this regard, you should apply fertilizer at least once a month. You can also use compost manure as an alternative. However, compost manure can produce an unpleasant odor, which may be inconvenient indoors. 

7.   Ponytail Palm 

You can replace your artificial palm trees with this one. Ponytail Palm is among the plants regarded as best for indoor beauty complement. The plant resembles a perky ponytail, which makes it elegant and beautiful for indoor purposes. It is important to note that maintenance is needed to ensure that the plant remains elegant. Therefore, pruning the overgrowing sprouts is necessary to avoid indoor inconveniences from excessive space usage. 

Among the vital elements of this plant is the sturdy stem. Notably, it can retain water for a long time. Therefore, Ponytail Palm is drought tolerant. Additionally, the plant thrives in bright indirect light, which renders it compatible with indoor or shady settings. 

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants That Look Like Palm Trees 

Plants that look like palm trees require specialized care to ensure that they thrive well and provide complementing beauty to your house. Here are tips on how to take care of palm tree lookalike plants: 

  • Light: Ensure the plants can access bright and indirect light. 
  • Temperature: Ensure that the plant grows between 65-75 degrees.
  • Soil- Ensure that plants that look like palm trees thrive in fertile soils. Adding fertilizers is recommended. 
  • Watering: Experts recommend adequate watering for palm trees lookalikes indoors, at least once a day. 
  • Pests and Diseases: Use friendly pesticides to eliminate pests and other infections that can kill the plant. 

With the above tips, you can ensure that small plants that look like palm trees thrive without any issues. Please do anything that complements the growth process of such plants. However, consulting an expert is necessary to ensure you conduct all nurturing activities rightly. 


Complementing your home’s interior and exterior décor can be achieved with the help of plants that look like palm trees. The idea here is to understand the requirements that facilitate the healthy growth of palm tree lookalike plants. Adequate maintenance is required to ensure that they flourish. Additionally, personal preference and taste should guide your selection. 


What is the name of the plant that looks like a palm tree? 

The world has many plants that look like palm trees. Among the known types include; Ponytail Palm, Cascade Palm, Majesty Palm, and Pygmy Date Palm, among others. The plants mentioned above have features that make them look like palm trees. It is also notable that large palm trees have some elements that match small palm trees. Hence, take the time to weigh your options before deciding. 

What is similar to palms? 

One thing you will realize about plants that look like palm trees is their similarities, especially the leaves. Palm trees have pointy leaves, which form a ‘palm.’ All other species have such leaves, with some distinctions associated with specific species. You can replace your fake palm tree for decoration and opt for real ones.

What is the cactus that looks like palm tree?

The Madagascar palm is considered a cactus-like plant resembling a palm tree. In essence, this is a type of palm tree with thorns. The plant features a solid stem, instrumental in retaining large volumes of water. Therefore, the Madagascar cactus can thrive in dry areas. People can use it to complement both indoor and outdoor settings. 

What plants look like sago palm? 

Are you looking for small plants that look like palm trees? There is a wide variety of such. The purpose of such plants is to complement the beauty of your indoor or outdoor settings in your home. Therefore, you should choose plants that resonate well with your preference. Some plants that look like palm trees include majesty palm, paradise palm, gum palm, and Pygmy Date Palm, among others. 

How can you tell if it is a cycad and not a palm?

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