Most Profitable Flowers to Grow| Top 12 Picks

Knowing the most profitable flowers to grow is vital when venturing into this business. Today, many people earn a living from growing and selling flowers. Unsurprisingly, flowers are among the most profitable plants to grow in a greenhouse. So, if you’ve been asking, “is growing flowers profitable?” The answer is a resounding yes. However, making reasonable profits from your venture requires you to grow flowers in high demand. 

Additionally, you require a flower farm business plan, like a typical business plan describing your venture, products, goals, and strategies for achieving them. Once you have a plan, research the following before starting. 

  • How profitable is flower farming?: Cut flowers are among the most profitable crops to grow. In the United States alone, growers reports sales amounting between $25,000 and $30,000 per acre. Therefore, flower farming is beneficial, but you must do it correctly to earn the gains.
  • Flower farming profit per acre: Several factors will influence your flower farming profit per acre. For instance, the flower type and your gardening methods will affect profitability.
  • How to start a backyard flower farm: Don’t venture into flower farming blindly. Instead, learn as much as possible before starting your venture. And this includes deciding on the flowers to grow and the methods to use.
  • Most profitable flowers to grow in a greenhouse: Not all flowers will be beneficial to grow in a greenhouse. Therefore, research the flowers to grow in a greenhouse and their requirements before starting. 

Once you’ve researched the above aspects, please find the most profitable flowers to grow and their requirements. Remember, flowers are some of the most profitable plants to grow and sell. However, only some flowers that can grow in your garden are beneficial. Therefore, take the time to research different flowers, marketability, and price.

12 Most Profitable flowers to Grow 

Choosing the most profitable flowers to grow in your garden can be a game-changer if you love gardening. Based on extensive research, Gardenterprise has identified the best flowers to sell at the farmers’ market and reap good returns.

1.     Scabiosa

Scabiosa, or the pincushion flower, is among the most profitable cut flowers. It’s among the easiest flowers to grow, considering that it only needs simple care and thrives in a grow tent environment. It also grows fast, taking only two to three weeks to bloom. And this guarantees frequent delivery of the product to the market, hence high profitability.

Another vital feature of Scabiosa is the variety of colors. It’s available in various shades, from white to dark, providing you with a larger market. You can plant different colors to attract more customers who prefer different colors. And this makes Scabiosa one of the most profitable flowers to grow.

2.     Ageratum

Ageratum is also among the most profitable cut flowers to grow. These are clusters of flowers in blue, red, lavender, white, and pink hues. The porn pom-shaped flowers are one of the main reasons for cultivating ageratum flowers. Moreover, they are marketable and hence one of the best flowers to grow for profit.

However, because of their shallow roots, you will need a steady supply of water to grow ageratum flowers. The flowers could dry if they don’t get enough water, especially when blossoming. Luckily, these flowers can bloom continuously from summer to frost.

3.     Peony

Peonies are large fragrant flowers that are highly marketable and one of the most profitable flowers to grow. The perennial flowers come in a wide variety, so picking which ones to plant may be challenging. Nevertheless, the wide variety also means you are likely to get customers at any moment.

Growing peonies is relatively easy. The flowers are pretty resilient and can thrive in harsh conditions. And this implies less input in terms of water and other core nutrients that often contribute to the cost of growing flowers for the market. It is also one of the easiest flowers to grow.

4.     Zinnias

Zinnias is one of the most profitable flowers to grow and sell. Zinnias are among the best bouquet flowers in various shapes, sizes, and colors. And this means that you can seamlessly meet the diverse needs of Zinnias customers. Moreover, the giant varieties of Zinnias are among the bestselling flowers in the market.

Another advantage of growing Zinnias is that they grow and blossom fast. And when they bloom, they do so copiously, which is why they are among the most successful cash crops for flower farmers. You will soon realize that Zinnias is one of the most profitable flowers to grow at home.

5.     Yarrow

Yarrow is also known as Achillea millefolium. It is a great choice when considering what flowers are most profitable. You can grow this flower as a seed or as a transplant. The flower takes about 90 days to harvest. Depending on your preferences or target market, you can pick any of the various hues.

A significant advantage of Yarrow flowers is their resilience and ability to flourish even in dry conditions. In a grow tent setting, it is vital to loosen the soil and avoid using too much fertile soil to prevent too fast growth. And this trait makes the flower one of the most profitable plants to grow in a greenhouse.

6.     Snapdragon 

Snapdragon is one of the most profitable flowers to grow in a greenhouse. Growing this flower is easy. You can have a variety of flowers in your flower greenhouse in terms of tall, short, and intermediate types and different hues. Variety is one of the main advantages of growing snapdragon flowers for profit.

After planting, the snapdragon flowers will be ready for harvest in about 120 days. Due to their low demand for input and care, these flowers are some of the easiest to grow. Therefore, check out snapdragon for the most profitable flowers to grow.

7.     Sunflower

You cannot be talking about the most profitable flowers to grow and forget to mention sunflowers. Sunflowers are profitable flowers to grow and sell for several reasons. One main reason is that sunflowers are a common feature in grocery stores. Grocery stores are keen on getting sunflowers because they know they will sell out quickly.

From a farmer’s perspective, growing sunflowers is quite simple. These flowers can do well at any time of the year, giving you an excellent opportunity to plan and grow. Within a relatively short period of about 60 years, you will be harvesting your sunflowers for the market.

8.     Roses

Everyone loves roses, or so it is assumed. No other flower beats the rose flower in terms of holding the position of the most-grown flower globally. And while you may think roses only have sentimental value, you will be shocked to learn that they are also one of the most profitable flowers to grow.

Roses come in multiple varieties in color, size, or shape. While growing roses is quite demanding, the returns from selling can be satisfying. And this is particularly so when you do so at a commercial scale. Rose flowers are in demand daily, and the market often shoots up on special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

9.     Salvia

Salvia is a type of flower with long stems. The long stems provide enough support for the flowers and the possibility of harvesting many flowers from your salvia flower garden. Typically, salvia is a heavy producer of flowers, meaning many more flowers to take to the market and sell.

From an economic perspective, you can also grow a single variety of salvia flowers or more. Whichever option you take, there is always room for making good returns on your investment. With a good flower farm layout to maximize productivity, you will realize that salvia is one of the most profitable flowers to grow and sell.


If you are considering growing flowers in a greenhouse for profit, then Marigold is one of the most profitable flowers to grow. It comes in over 50 species, giving you quite an extensive choice. Moreover, depending on your chosen species and type, you can produce single or clusters of flowers for the market. And this is advantageous because growing and selling single or clusters of flowers can significantly affect how much money you make.

Marigold has some traditional medicinal value and applications that make it more marketable, hence, one of the most profitable flowers to grow. People use extracts from flower petals to make ointments for treating jaundice, fevers, wounds, burns, and conjunctivitis. These additional medicinal values explain why marigold is among the most profitable flowers to grow.


You can also supplement your income by growing celosia, which you can use for aesthetics or eat. As an edible ornamental, it is a unique cash crop to earn good profit for you. It is no wonder that celosia featured among the top results after searching ‘what are the best flowers to grow for profit’ on Google search. 

Celosia stands out among most other flowers grown for the market and profitability. While most flowers have ornamental value, people can also consume them when still young. Eating some of your young celosia flowers before they are ready for the market is enjoyable for some people. Finally, in terms of demand, celosia only needs well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. It falls among the most profitable flowers to grow and is also easy to produce.

12.Heritage Roses

Heritage roses are also among the most profitable flowers to grow. A vital characteristic of these flowers is their unique, attractive scent. The scent is an important feature that customers consider when buying flowers. Flowers with the best and most unique cents tend to sell the most and have the highest values. In this regard, Heritage roses should be among your top picks for the most profitable flowers to grow.

Final Thoughts

Growing flowers can be a lucrative business thanks to the good profits. But you have to do it intentionally and strategically. Also, you must know the most profitable flowers to grow in your garden. With that knowledge, you will only plant flowers with economic value. If you’ve been asking, “what is the most profitable plant to grow” this blog post has answered you. Once you have a business plan, choose some of these flowers and grow them in your garden. You can make growing and selling flowers your primary or secondary income earner. After all, growing flowers require limited time and input. Thus, you can make it your business if you have what it takes to grow flowers for money.


What is the #1 most sold cut flower?

The rose flower is the #1 most-sold cut flower for several reasons. For instance, it’s among the most popular flowers due to its close association with love. People buy roses on special days like Valentine’s and other times to express love. Second, roses come in different varieties in terms of colors, sizes, and shapes. Other best-selling cut flowers include tulips, orchids, and gladiolus. 

What flower sells the most and why?

Petunias sell the most in the US. It has more than $262 million in annual sales from retail and wholesale businesses. The reason this flower sells the most is its bright and lively appearance. Also, it blooms from spring to frost, and its scent fills the air with a lovely fragrance. Additionally, this flower is easy to grow in containers and gardens.

What is the best flower to farm?

No single variety is the best flower to farm for everybody. It depends on the farm’s location, climate, growing needs, and other aspects. Some of the best flowers to farm include peonies and zinnias, known for resilience and fast growth. Moreover, both are among the ten most profitable plants to grow.

Can you make a living from selling flowers?

Yes. You can make a decent living by selling flowers. However, knowing which flowers to grow and trade is the key. Once you determine what flowers are most profitable, you can sell them for a living. Alternatively, you can buy flowers from growers and sell them. However, this requires equipment for storing flowers. 

Which flower has more demand?

The most profitable flowers to grow in this list have demand. However, some have higher market demand than others, for good reasons. For example, zinnias have high demand because of their excellent bouquets, while people purchase roses due to their unique association with love. Also, the market demand for flowers varies by season.

What plant sells for the most money?

The plant that sells for the most money meets high demand and scarcity qualities. Based on this consideration, different plants for food or otherwise can fall into the category. For example, flowers can bring in a lot of money if you produce them well. Other plants that sell for the most money include herbs, mushrooms, ginseng, lavender, bonsai, and snake.

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