How to Propagate String of Dolphins| A Quick Guide

Learning how to propagate string of dolphins is vital to enhance your home’s beauty. Gathering as many string of dolphin propagation tips as possible ensures you embark on a successful venture. One thing for sure is that string of dolphins are unique and beautiful, which makes the plant a core preference for individuals interested in such species.

A string of dolphin plants appeals to the eye due to its foliage and dolphin-like leaves. The plant’s naming is due to the leaves that resemble swimming dolphins. The undeniable beauty of the String of Dolphins makes gardeners consider propagation an essential process worldwide. You may also learn how to propagate wandering Jew here.

The string of dolphins propagation process is straightforward but critical at the same time. Therefore, you should conduct the process keenly to achieve your desired results. The plant responds fast to changes, especially after propagation. The plant proliferates after propagation. That’s why propagators exhibit continued interest in breeding the plant. However, there are some additional reasons for the string of dolphins propagation. If you are looking for a guide on how to propagate string of dolphins, first understand why the process is necessary.

How to Propagate String of Dolphins- Why the process is Important

Two of the many reasons to learn how to propagate string of Dolphins are the most outstanding. They are:

1.   Learning How to Propagate String of Dolphins Helps Salvage Failing Plants

For some reason, a String of Dolphins plant can face a death threat. If you are worried about your string of dolphins dying, propagation is necessary. In this case, String of Dolphins care is essential, whereby the main idea is to maintain continuity rather than experiencing the plant’s extinction. In other words, you can avoid the inconveniences of buying and planting new String of Dolphins plants by propagating the existing ones.

Gardeners should focus on the plants and identify infections that could eventually lead to a string of dolphins dying. The good thing is that you are not limited to propagating string of dolphins via one technique only. Also, you can breed as much as you can. That way, you will have salvaged the failing plants and replaced them with healthy ones. Propagating string of dolphins indoors or outdoors is possible when you want to save the plant.

2.   Learning How to Propagate String of Dolphins Helps Enhance Home Décor

Also, you can learn how to make String of Dolphins fuller to improve your home’s decor. You’ll also enjoy propagating the string of dolphins plant and seeing it flourish into a gorgeous indoor plant. Essentially, String of Dolphins is a decorative plant that complements indoor and outdoor environments.

Breeding the plant could be based on enhancing the beauty of your home. Notably, propagation of string of dolphins plant can happen in various ways based on preferences and tastes. Therefore, you can engage in the process of creating certain formations or patterns in your house as a decorative approach.

The string of Dolphins is best known to be drought-tolerant; hence it can survive for a long time without water. In this regard, the propagation of String of Dolphins could replace décor plants sensitive to dry environments. Suppose you are looking for a convenient way of ensuring long-lasting décor in your house without excessive management processes. In that case, you should get the string of dolphins propagation kit for insights.

How to Propagate String of Dolphins in Water: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you aim to brighten and complement the indoor ambiance of your home, then you should be conversant with growing string of dolphins from cuttings. The string of dolphin propagation process is simple, but you must conduct it professionally to avoid miscalculating. The idea here is to complete the process of propagating string of dolphins indoors procedurally. You can choose the string of dolphins propagation method that resonates with you. Here is how to propagate string of dolphins in water:


Mastering the best way to cut the suitable plant part is essential when learning how to propagate string of dolphins. Experts recommend cutting part of the plant approximately 7 cm. Ensure that the cutting is close to the plant joints. On the same note, ensuring that the scissors you use to cut the plant are clean using the necessary disinfectants is essential. In this case, disinfectants prevent the plant from acquiring external organisms that can derail or affect the growing process after cutting. Locate the nodes and decide on the ideal position to cut the plant. Experts recommend cutting slightly above the node to allow growth continuity after propagation.

Placement in Water

At this stage, you should fill a glass jar with water. Professional propagators use distilled water to ensure that the process is successful. After filling the glass jar with water, place the string of dolphins cutting into it and allow it to rest for approximately two months. The idea of using distilled water is to mitigate possible infections and contaminants. It is also necessary to note that string of dolphins thrives in areas of adequate light supply, hence the recommendation of a transparent glass jar. Most importantly, a transparent glass jar lets you track the root growth process and establish the right time to transplant the cutting.

When learning how to propagate string of dolphins from leaves, always remember to place the glass jar under indirect sunlight. As much as the plant requires sunlight for photosynthesis, too much direct light can harm growth. Please wait for the cutting to develop some roots before transferring it. It takes about 2-3 months for the roots to grow.

Transferring the Cutting

Now that the plant has already developed enough roots, the next thing is to transfer it to the soil. And this is a vital step of the guide on how to propagate string of dolphins. Here’s how to do it.

  • Fill your chosen pot with well-drained soil. Ensure that no pressure is exerted on the earth to ensure adequate aeration and that the plant develops its roots freely. Place the string of dolphins cutting at the center of the soil-filled jar.
  • Cover the rooting structure with soil to ensure they are in the proper growth environment.
  • Ensure the plant is adequately watered (at least once daily).

Doing so will ensure that the plant develops flawlessly and that it thrives.

How to Propagate String of Dolphins in Soil: A Step-by-Step Guide

The second method is known as soil propagation of string of dolphins. Like any other case, you should be fully conversant on how to propagate string of dolphins in soil. Here is a simple guide on how to propagate string of dolphins:


The first step in propagating string dolphins succulent leaves is to ensure precision cutting. Propagators should cut 15-30 centimeters from the main plant. Note that the cutting should be above the root node. While tracing the root node may not be necessary, propagators achieve more success when they cut precisely.


After cutting a part of the main plant, the next step is to place the cutting on a dry surface for at least two days. The idea is to ensure the cutting remains unmoved on a dry surface for two days. It is also essential to ensure the plant is placed at room temperature until it develops some callus. Callus development indicates that the plant is ready to be relocated where it can grow roots.

Put Soil in a Small Pot

Soil placement is essential when learning how to propagate string of dolphins. Putting soil in a small pot is vital when growing string of dolphins from cuttings. The idea is to get a small container, fill it with soil, and ensure a drainage hole. The drainage hole lets out excessive water from the potting mixture to allow for the healthy growth of the plant. Place the cutting at the center of the pot and cover the lower section with soil.

Allow the Plant to Grow

Upon placing the cutting in the soil, you should leave it to develop roots. Naturally, the cutting takes approximately one month to grow. It is, however, essential to ensure adequate watering. In this case, water is instrumental in providing the nutrients and moisture needed for growth. Ensure moderate watering so that the plant thrives. Essentially, water the plant when the soil dries up. If necessary, you can add some fertilizers to enhance the quality of the ground. You should consult an expert to guide you on the formula used in applying fertilizers. You can quickly embark on a successful process with the correct string of dolphins plant propagation guide. Note that inconsistencies in the propagation process can soon kill the mother plant and derail the growth of the cutting.

Tips on How to Propagate String of Dolphins

String dolphin plant care is vital during and after propagation. The string of Dolphins is among the popular low-maintenance plants. In other words, the plant is easy to maintain and requires basic processes to ensure that it thrives. The best thing is that string of dolphins can retain water for a long time with the help of the plump leaves. And this implies that watering can be done in friendly cycles rather than regularly upon successful propagation. Here are essential things you can do to keep your String of Dolphins under good care:


Naturally, the string of dolphins is low-light plants. Propagating string of dolphins indoors is therefore easy, considering the plant thrives in shady and low-light settings. In this case, string of dolphins care relies on the amount of light provided to facilitate growth. The string of dolphins dies when exposed to too much light. Therefore, you must keep the plant in moderately lighted places. Consider using grow light to provide additional light if the area is excessively shady.


The quality of the soil determines how well the plant grows. Therefore, knowing the soil to use when learning how to propagate string of dolphins is vital. Experts recommend using a fertile ground to reproduce string of Dolphins. The plant requires essential nutrients which can only be available in fertile soils. If necessary, you should apply fertilizer of compost manure to facilitate the healthy growth of the plant. Determine where to buy the dolphin plant and identify the best places to source the recommended fertilizers. Fertility is critical, hence the need to get the best fertilizers for your string of dolphins.


Water is essential for those looking for successful ways tips on how to propagate string of dolphins. It is, however, necessary to ensure moderate watering since excess water can affect plant growth negatively. The string of Dolphins requires sufficient water supply from young to mature levels. Use pots with drainage holes to regulate water levels surrounding the plant. That way, any excess water in the soil can be eliminated, allowing the plant to thrive in a suitable environment.


You may want to learn how to propagate string of dolphins indoors. Temperature is among the essential considerations. Naturally, the best string of dolphin care is when temperatures are average. The plant thrives at room temperature, so experts recommend it for indoor décor. The temperature for growing this plant should be approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Learning how to propagate string of dolphins is the right step toward complementing your house’s beauty. Opting for the ideal method of propagation is essential, mainly based on the circumstances. Most importantly, the string of dolphins care is critical in fostering healthy growth.


How do you grow dolphin string from a cutting?

You can grow dolphin string from cutting through the propagation process. In this case, it is essential to consider the string of dolphins flower before determining the part to cut. Cut pieces that do not have flowers to avoid tampering with the plant’s beauty. Transfer the cuttings to the water or soil pot, depending on your chosen propagation method.

Can you propagate a string of dolphins from a single leaf?

In most cases, propagating string of dolphins becomes necessary when the mother plant has several protrusions to cut. Thus, propagating string of dolphins from a single leaf is almost impossible. The stem develops roots, so focus on the nodes, not the leaves.

How do I make my string of dolphins fuller?

You may want to learn how to propagate string of dolphins by making it fuller. You can extract some cuttings from the mother plant and install them in the same pot to achieve this. That means that there will be several individual plants in one pot. With time, each plant will develop hence eventually making it fuller.

Will string dolphins grow in water?

Yes. The string of dolphins can grow in water. Most people choose water when learning how to propagate string of dolphins. In this case, you first place the cutting in a transparent glass filled with water to allow it to develop roots ready to transplant into the soil.

Does string of dolphins need direct sunlight?

Yes, but the string of dolphins is a low-light plant. Therefore, it can thrive in areas of low light, particularly indoors. Excess direct sunlight can hurt the plant and inhibit its growth. The average supply of light is adequate for the plant.

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