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Having the best timer for grow lights can help you to monitor and control your plants’ light exposure effectively. It enables you to set specific times and duration when the plants get light exposure. And this ensures your plants access adequate light daily, with minimal effort. Besides, an LED grow light with a timer also has options that allow you to set it to switch the lights on and off at specific times automatically. 

A grow light timer is an invaluable investment for home gardening, recommended for small indoor gardens and even greenhouses. The best timer for grow lights has multiple settings that ensure your plants have the correct light amount and dark hours for proper growth and development. The best grow lights timers also offer more flexibility since you can tweak the settings for different types of plants. 

With the best digital timer for grow lights, you can avoid all the manual operations of conventional timers since you can automate the functions. Besides, the best timer for grow lights can also enhance the longevity of your grow lights by allowing them to rest when the plants need dark hours. Installing the best timer for grow lights can also boost your garden’s energy efficiency by turning off the lights whenever they are not in use. 

Reviews of the Best Timer for Grow Lights- Top Grow Light Timers

Whether you need the best timer for LED grow lights or the best light timer for grow tent, various brands and models are available in the market. Also, you can find the best timer for hydroponics. However, the following section will review the top grow light timers and suggest the best timer for grow lights. 

1.     Canagrow Outlet Timer 

The Canagrow Outlet Timer is a 7-day programmable outlet timer that you can easily set up to 20 on/off programs. It ranks as the best timer for growing weed on multiple review forums because of its versatility and customization. The timer has dual outlets allowing you to control two devices simultaneously. It also offers extras, such as Daylight Savings and Random Functions, to save energy and protect your home Canagrow Outlet Timer supports 120 Volts Operating Voltage, 15 Amps Current Rating, and an in-built battery. 


  • Versatile with up to 20 programs and nine modes 
  • Large LCD screen and buttons for ease of use 
  • Dual outlets to support two different devices simultaneously
  • Safe and reliable 


  • Not made for outdoor gardening 
  • It is available in only one color, white. 

2.     Nearpow Multi-Functional Infinite Digital Timer 

The Nearpow Infinite Digital Timer is also an excellent pick for gardeners who need the best timer for grow lights.Unlike most brands, Nearpow 2 pack deal offers you two high-quality timers at a fantastic price, with better value for money. One feature that sets it apart is that it displays both on and off times on its LCD screen. The timer is ideal for a standard wall outlet with a two-prong receptacle. Also, it offers features such as power-off protection and Child Lock for enhanced safety. Nearpow’s Infinite timer is a multi-functional device that you should consider when seeking the best timer for outdoor lights, TV, air purifiers, Wi-Fi router, and table lamps. 


  • It is easy to use, with a large LCD screen, programmable and plug/play design
  • It has multiple timer groups, countdown, and infinite loop functions 
  • It provides two timers for the price of one with Nearpow 2-pack deal 


  • It has small buttons 
  • No countdown functions 

The BN-Link BND-60 is a mechanical outlet timer that mimics conventional timers. It’s the grow light timer Amazon customers recommend due to its pocket-friendly price. Unlike many modern timers that can be relatively complex, the BN-Link BND-60 has a classic design and feel with a simplistic edge. It integrates a single 3-prong outlet, and a rotary dial that makes it quite simple to use. The timer allows you to set the power on and off in 30-minute intervals. 


  • Simple design that is very easy to use 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Water-resistant 


  • Not programmable 
  • Using the rotary dial can be annoying 

4.     GE Programmable Power Strip with Digital Timer 

The GE Programmable Power Strip is a highly versatile unit that supports multiple uses around the grow tent, greenhouse, and your home. It can effectively serve as the best outlet timer for grow lights and other devices such as fans, lamps, heaters, AC units, and humidifiers. It looks similar to a typical power strip but has an LCD screen and buttons for programming the functions. The device has eight outlets, four of which are programmable. It allows you to store and execute programs for up to 7 days. The manufacturer has also done away with standby power for enhanced energy efficiency. 


  • Versatile; works as a timer and surge protector 
  • 7-days long programs 
  • Sturdy and compact design with safety covers


  • Programming it can be a bit cumbersome 

5.     Vivosun Digital Timer 

The Vivosun Digital Timer is a 7-day programmable timer with two 3-prong outlet receptacles for your grow lights. The device also has an LCD screen with buttons for programming. Its full cut-off power function enables you to save energy. The large interface allows you to set up to 8 programs to run for seven days without interruptions. The Vivosun digital timer can support two different lights simultaneously. And this makes it the best timer for LED grow lights, maintaining plants with different light schedules. Its design provides extra fortified plastic for more durability. The timer also comes with an in-built battery pack to store your program data whenever the power goes out. 


  • It is more flexibility with eight programs and up to 7-days repeat cycle 
  • It has a larger LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons 
  • It has dual outlets for two different lights 
  • It has a durable and fortified design 


  • The timer is not for outdoor use 

Buying Guide for the Best Grow Timer 

The above reviews provide clues for choosing the best timer for grow lights. However, there are vital factors and aspects to consider when looking for the best timer for grow lights Reddit users recommend the most. Here are the guidelines for choosing the best timer to have grow lights on at the correct time.  


While all grow light timers generally regulate light exposure to plants, you should consider the specific types of plants in the garden and their growth stages. That’s important because different plants and growth stages require unique light schedules. Although you can get several timers for various plants, growth stages, and garden sections, buying a versatile and multi-functional grow light timer Reddit users recommend is more efficient and cost-effective. 

Grow light timers serve the same purposes, but the features usually vary from one brand and model to another. The interfaces are among the critical elements of distinction. Nonetheless, you need the best timer for grow lights with a more extensive interface, easy-to-use control buttons, and all the programs required for your plants’ growth. Some of the best timer for grow lights also provide extra outlets that you can use to plug in other devices, such as AC units, fans, and lamps. 

Also, it’s important to note that some grow light timers are for indoor applications or outdoor use only. However, you can also get the best timer for grow lights suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening. 


Timers for grow lights are available in two main categories, mechanical and digital Mechanical timers are operated manually, without programming functions. However, they are simple and inexpensive. Digital timers are programmable, and you can set them to switch the lights on and off at designated times automatically. Today, various models integrate manual and automated functions into a single unit. A multi-functional grow light timer that supports mechanical and digital functionalities is more efficient and offers you the best of both worlds. However, the price can be slightly higher than an ordinary mechanical or digital grow light timer.  


Grow light timers have become relatively inexpensive, but getting a good deal with better value for money is still crucial. Cheap timers can help you save lots of money but may not deliver the best performance. The most expensive timers are also not a great pick since most are overrated. Instead, choose the best timer for grow lights that offer the desired features and retail at a reasonable price within your budgetary estimates. 

Some grow light timers are specifically for gardening operations. However, you can find stronger timers for regulating outdoor lights, humidifiers, heaters, fans, and other home appliances Functionality, type, and price are the main factors to consider when buying a grow light timer.

Also, it’s crucial to know how to use a timer for grow lights and how to set a timer for grow lights before buying one. However, this should be a manageable task since every unit comes with detailed grow light timer instructions to guide you in programming and executing other functions on the device. 

We have reviewed the top-rated grow light timers that you should consider to get the best timer for grow lights. Nonetheless, the best timer switch for LED lights should be reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. So, waste no more time searching for phrases like ‘the best grow light timer near me”. Instead, consider one of the products this article has reviewed to buy the best timer for grow lights. 

Final Word 

Overall, grow light timers are available in different types, sizes, models, and sizes from which to choose. This article has reviewed the top grow light timers in the market, including the essential guidelines to help you to determine the best timer for grow lights. Consider the information provided here to buy the best timer for grow lights depending on your gardening needs and budget.  


The above buying guide has addressed most of the concerns that many gardeners usually have when shopping for the best timer for grow lights. However, there are other things that you may want to know before and after getting the device. Here are the frequently asked questions about grow light timers, with straightforward answers to help you make a more informed decision. 

Should grow lights be on a timer?

All plants need light to grow, develop, and stay healthy. However, plants require regulated light exposure. Excessive or inadequate light exposure could harm the plants, impacting withering and stunted growth. Having the best timer for grow lights enables you to maintain just the correct light exposure to your plants throughout all the stages of growth, development, and maturity. Putting the lights on a timer can also save energy since the lights will only switch on at the designated schedules, preventing power wastage. 

How many hours should grow lights be on per day?

There is no specific rule on the hours your grow lights should be daily. The schedules and durations for your plants’ daily light exposure mainly depend on the particular types of plants and their growth stages. For example, plants in the flowering stage may require longer schedules than mature ones. The best timer for grow lights allows you to program the lights to switch on and off at the specific times when your plants need light. 

Should I leave grow lights on all the time? 

Allowing grow lights to be on all the time can increase energy bills and significantly harm your plants due to excessive light exposure. Instead, program the timer to keep the lights on for a suitable duration, allowing your plants to get adequate lighting. 

How do you set a timer on a grow light?

Every timer for grow lights comes with clear instructions for operating it. You will find an instruction manual in the package with guidelines on how to set different time schedules and program the timer to your needs. 

What are the best timers for lamps?

Several brands and models of multi-functional timers can support grow lights and several other devices, including lamps, AC units, humidifiers, and heaters. Nonetheless, the best timer for grow lights and lamps usually has multiple outlets and programs. 

How do you set the timer for lights to go on and off?

While grow light timers serve a similar purpose, the operational procedures vary from one unit to another. So, check the instruction manual to learn how to set the grow light timer to switch on and off automatically. 

What temperature should my grow room be when the lights are on?

Although indoor plants require different temperature and humidity levels, gardening experts recommend keeping temperatures of about 23 to 27 Degrees Celsius or 70 to 78 Degrees F when the lights are on.  

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