Best Reverse Osmosis System for Hydroponics| Top 5 Options

Knowing the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics can push your gardening efforts to the next level. That’s because hydroponics has advanced to one of the ideal methods of growing crops in a backyard. As you already know, vegetable cultivation requires a consistent, clean, and healthy water supply. But sometimes, the available water may be unsuitable for plant growth, prompting you to look for an effective filtration mechanism.

Remember that hydroponic water shouldn’t contain harmful impurities for optimum plant growth. Anything dangerous will get into your crops and cause health problems for yourself and your loved ones. But thanks to advancements in agricultural technology, machines like reverse osmosis (RO) systems can help purify hydroponics water. The current market has many RO systems. For this reason, knowing the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics is essential. 

Also, succeeding with hydroponics demands a solid knowledge of how a reverse osmosis system works. When you understand the operations of the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics, you can initiate maintenance practices essential for its optimum performance. Regular maintenance makes your reverse osmosis for hydroponics effective while ensuring its durability. The following review of the best reverse osmosis systems for hydroponics will teach you how an RO machine works. Also, you’ll learn the substances they remove from water, how to select the top reverse osmosis systems for hydroponics and the five best brands in the current market. 

Tips for Picking the Best Reverse Osmosis System for Hydroponics

Knowing the kind of an RO system that will serve you well is essential. For example, the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics should meet all your garden’s daily water requirements. Besides, a sound reverse osmosis system integrates seamlessly into your garden’s design. The following factors should help you choose the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics, depending on your needs.

Garden’s Elevation Relative to Water Source

The water you intend to filter using a reverse osmosis system can be from various sources. However, the source might be at a relatively lower level than the farm. In such a case, you need a reverse osmosis system with a booster pump. And this is vital to ensure the already filtered water reaches your vegetables more efficiently. On the other side, even the best tankless reverse osmosis system without a booster pump may be okay if you operate on level ground.

The Garden’s Design

Your garden’s design dictates whether you will permanently fix your RO system in one place or move it to various locations. So, if you plan to operate your reverse osmosis system in one area, even a bigger one won’t be a problem. However, you may need a small reverse osmosis system if you intend to change locations consistently. That’s vital because smaller units are more portable than bigger ones.

The Cost

Considering the cost is crucial when purchasing something, and the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics isn’t an exception. Therefore, it’s always better to pick the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics that’s also affordable. Reverse osmosis systems with additional installations like permeate or booster pumps would cost you more dollars. Therefore, buy a reverse osmosis system with such components only if they’re going to be necessary for your hydroponics garden. 

The Number of Filtration Stages

The best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics should have a high filtration efficiency. That’s because the water used in hydroponics should be clean and free of harmful substances. RO systems have both “pre” and “post” filtration filters, in addition to the reverse osmosis membrane. So, generally, you need a reverse osmosis system with as many water filters as possible. And this will ensure optimum performance to produce clean and healthy water.

Why Are RO Systems So Efficient?

Reverse osmosis water systems differ from conventional filtration mechanisms in various ways. For instance, a garden reverse osmosis system uses multiple filters at different stages. Notably, the filtration process occurs under high pressure. The primary filter is the reverse osmosis membrane, which eliminates even very minute solids dissolved in water. Water from the source enters the RO system through 1 or 2 sediment filters, which remove relatively larger solid substances suspended in water. Next, the sediment-free water passes through the carbon filter, eliminating its foul smell. 

Water then proceeds to the RO membrane through which it passes, leaving behind dissolved substances. This stage eliminates over 95% of impurities. After the reverse osmosis membrane, water passes through multiple post filters, thus making it clean and safe for hydroponics. Some substances an RO system can remove from water include; Fluorides, pesticides, Arsenic, herbicides, salts, and Chlorine.

The Top 5 Reverse Osmosis Systems for Hydroponics

Rapid technological advancement has led to the development of various reverse osmosis machines, meaning that choosing the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics requires profound upfront knowledge. Gardenterprise has researched different products and picked the best reverse osmosis systems for hydroponics in the current market. The following are the top 5 options available in the market today.

1.   Hydrologic-Stealth-150 Reverse Osmosis System (3-Stage)

With a daily water output of 150 gallons, the Hydrologic-Stealth-150 is one of the most recommended RO systems in the market today. It is easy to maintain as it comes with a washable sediment filter. Moreover, this RO system’s small and compact nature makes it ideal for temporary installations. So if you need a reverse osmosis system for garden hoses, then the Hydrologic-Stealth-150 might serve you efficiently. 

The Hydrologic-Stealth-150 boasts a 3-stage filtration mechanism, which ensures the filtrate is favorable for your hydroponics plants. Additionally, this robust RO system can easily mount anywhere in your garden. That’s possible because of its mountable metal bracket. The stealth-150 RO also boasts minimal water wastage, making your operations more economical.

The other notable thing making the Stealth-150 RO special is its incredible operational efficiency of at least 98%. Further, this explains the minimal water wastage of the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. The package includes the following:

  • A durable garden hose connector.
  • An automated Shut-off Valve.
  • A pressure gauge for monitoring the unit’s performance.

Significantly, you can easily upgrade the Hydrologic-Stealth-150 reverse osmosis system to filter more water if necessary. And this makes it the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics at the top of this list.


It has additional accessories, including a metal bracket for mounting, an Automated Shut-off valve, and durable hose connecting tubes.

  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • It has high efficiency of at least 98% and minimal water wastage. 
  • It features a washable sediment filter for easy maintenance.
  • It has NSF certification.


  • The package doesn’t include a permeate or booster pump.

2.   AquaticLife Portable RO Water Filter System (5-Stage)

According to the best reverse osmosis system consumer reports from gardeners, the AquaticLife Portable RO unit is another option most hydroponics farmers prefer. Hydroponics requires a consistent supply of clean and healthy water. If you ensure there’s always enough water at any given moment, your crops will grow well, and the yield will be worth your efforts. That’s where this AquaticLife product kicks in. 

You can go right if you install the AquaticLife reverse osmosis water filter because the unit has a whopping 200 GPD output capacity. Even with a large hydroponics garden, you’ll still meet all your watering demands with the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. Moreover, the filtration mechanism this excellent machine comes with is overwhelmingly impressive. It’s a five-stage, featuring 2 RO membranes for speedy operations. Each membrane filter can eliminate up to 98% of dissolved harmful impurities in water. 

The first step to ensuring healthy vegetables from your hydroponics farm is picking the most efficient reverse osmosis water system. That’s why the 5-stage 200 GPD reverse osmosis unit might be what you need right now. This water filter system is portable and durable because of its polyresin material. Additionally, maintaining the AquaticLife 200 GPD system is incredibly straightforward. For instance, you can quickly inspect the sediment filter without removing a single screw or nut. That’s possible because the filter cover has a transparent material.

A transparent sediment filter cover means you won’t need a professional technician to inspect your best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. You can do it yourself and even know whether the filter needs a replacement. Importantly, this AquaticLife RO water filter also has an inbuilt flush valve. The flush valve is handy as it helps clean any residues on the RO membrane, maximizing its durability. And like most other RO units, AquaticLife has an ASO valve to automate the opening and closing of the water supply line, making it also the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. This curbs wastage when the filtered water line shuts. 


  • It has a remarkable filtration efficiency of over 98%.
  • 2 Carbon filters for speedy operation.
  • A high daily water output of 200 gallons.
  • The sediment filter’s cover is transparent, thus facilitating a DIY inspection.
  • It has an inbuilt flush valve, which prevents material buildups on the RO membrane, thus lengthening its lifespan. 
  • Portable and comes with a mounting bracket for a quick installation.


  • You might need a professional plumber for installation to prevent rampant leakages at various water line joints.

3.   HbrewO Portable RO Water System (4-Stage)

Not all the substances present in water are harmful to your hydroponics plants. Some minerals are necessary for their healthy growth and overall productivity. That’s why you must install the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics in your garden. Coming with everything you need, the HbrewO reverse osmosis water purifier is the ideal option for any dedicated hydroponics farmer. This RO system has a daily water output of about 150 gallons. What’s more, the unit comes already preassembled, thus simplifying your work significantly. All you need to do is mount it somewhere in the garden and use purified water. 

What makes the HbrewO RO system one of the best reverse osmosis water systems is its overwhelming efficiency, which is at least 99%. And this makes water from this RO purification system 100% neutral. This water filtration system goes the extra mile by reconstituting vital minerals into the purified water before letting it into your garden. Portability also pleases hydroponics farmers about the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. The HbrewO can stay at one station for a while because you can quickly relocate it to serve multiple scattered gardens. 

Storing the HbrewO reverse osmosis water filtering unit is straightforward. It has a carrying case that allows you to keep everything safe during storage, thus minimizing damage and misplacement of various components. In addition, this RO unit is among the most durable in the market today. For example, its carbon filters can serve you up to 2 years before needing a replacement. The HbrewO RO system requires water pressure ranging between 30 and 124 PSI for maximum efficiency. 


  • An extraordinary efficiency of over 99%.
  • It produces 100% neutral water.
  • It can reconstitute vital minerals back into the water after purification.
  • It comes preassembled for faster installation-you’ll do the mounting, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • It is portable, with a case for easy movement to different places. 
  • Highly durable filters which can serve you for up to two years.


  • If your water source has low pressure, you may have to install a booster pump.
  • The unit is relatively more expensive.

4.   The LiquaGen RO Water Purifier (6-Stage Filtration)

If you’re looking for an ideal hydrologic RO system for your garden, then the LiquaGen reverse osmosis water purifier might interest you. This excellent machine boasts a fantastic filtration mechanism with up to 6 stages. This robust filtration system gives the LiquaGen RO unit an operation efficiency unrivaled by no other reverse osmosis system in production today. Additionally, installing this water filtration unit is stress-free because it comes with all of its vital components already assembled. Your only work is to identify an ideal wall or surface for mounting it.

Anyone dreaming of owning the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics should consider this LiquaGen product. That’s because the delivery package has all the essential accessories for operating the RO water filtration unit. For example, you’ll find a garden hose adapter, a wrench, fittings, and all the necessary tubes. Moreover, this best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics comes with lasting filters to keep maintenance costs down. Its 150 gallons per day water output is decent for any hydroponics use. Importantly, you can hardly experience leaks because the LiquaGen RO water filtration system has a flush valve that’s handy in preventing such problems. 


  • It has quality, durable filters.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Straightforward to install.
  • It comes with all essential accessories.
  • High efficiency due to the 6-stage filtering mechanism.


  • The flush valve requires regular cleaning for the unit to work well. 

5.   The WECO HydroSense RO System

Succeeding in your hydroponics farming begins by gathering all the appropriate tools. But because farming is a form of business, you’ll always want to save some coins whenever possible. The best reverse osmosis system for growing hydroponics vegetables in your backyard is non-other than the WECO HydroSense RO water filtration system. This incredible device is remarkably efficient. Thus, it can eliminate almost all the contaminants in various water sources. Additionally, you will install this water purification unit easily. 

Like many other brands, the WECO HydroSense will arrive preassembled. Therefore, a quick mounting exercise is the only crucial process before you can begin using this powerful RO water filter unit. The WECO reverse osmosis water for hydroponics is ideal for growing various crops. And this explains the growing popularity of this reverse osmosis unit among most hydroponics farmers. The WECO HydroSense RO water purifier is extremely quiet while running, giving you an overwhelmingly conducive working environment. Moreover, this reverse osmosis water filtration equipment has an automatic pressure adjustment mechanism. And this ensures optimal performance of the unit at all times, making it the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics for most gardeners. 


  • It removes a wide range of harmful contaminants from hydroponic water.
  • It operates much quieter than most RO water purifiers.
  • The unit consumes less power.
  • It has an automatic pressure adjustment mechanism for sustained top performances.


  • It has numerous complex parts, thereby making consistent maintenance inevitable.

Final Thoughts

With preliminary information on what the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics looks like, you’ll pick the appropriate design for your needs and enjoy cultivating your crops like never before. For maximum efficiency, regular maintenance is vital. That means checking and cleaning dirty filters. Also, please replace damaged filters to lengthen your RO system’s lifespan. 

Portable reverse osmosis systems are ideal for hydroponics farmers with multiple farms in different locations. It can be helpful to check an RO unit’s pressure requirements. You can compare this information with the specs of the water source you intend to use. Experts recommend a booster pump in gardens where the water pressure of the sources is lower than the reverse osmosis system’s requirements. Nevertheless, finding the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics will be easier with this guide and some research.


Is reverse osmosis water good for hydroponics?

Hydroponics allows you to dictate the kind of water that your crops absorb. As such, you need water without contaminants for effective results. That’s why reverse osmosis water is ideal for hydroponics because it’s free of impurities. 

What is the best filter for hydroponics?

Gardeners have two options when choosing the best filter for hydroponics- the reverse osmosis system and the sediment and de-chlorinator filter. Most gardeners recommend reverse osmosis filters because they do more than a de-chlorinator. Nevertheless, the best filter for hydroponics is practical and durable. 

Can you grow plants with reverse osmosis water?

Yes. You can grow various plants using reverse osmosis water. But you need the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics to achieve excellent results. Reverse osmosis is ideal for people serious about gardening since it allows them to control plant nutrient flow. An excellent reverse osmosis system for hydroponics enables the gardener to care for delicate plants. Among the plants you can grow with reverse osmosis water include pepper, tomatoes, and onions. 

Which is better, UV or reverse osmosis?

The best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics is the best option. That’s because UV kills the pathogens in the water and leaves them suspended. However, a reverse osmosis system kills and filters the dead bacteria bodies. Therefore, reverse osmosis is better because it makes your hydroponic system’s water more hygienic. 

Can bacteria grow in RO water?

Yes. Bacteria are always everywhere, looking for an ideal place to multiply. Essentially, bacteria can thrive inside the tank. The best way to deal with bacteria in RO systems is by conducting a pretreatment, which works fine in most cases. Also, please note that not all bacteria are harmful. Some might benefit your hydroponics garden. That’s why you don’t have to worry about bacteria with the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics. Nevertheless, work with experts to know ways to eliminate bacteria in your RO water. 

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