Buy the Best Grow Light for 4×4 Tent | Top 7 Options

Having the best grow light for 4×4 tent ensures that your plants receive just the right amount of light to stay healthy throughout their growth and development stages. The best grow light for 4×4 tent will enable you to raise plants indoors without natural light all year effectively. Besides, the best grow lights for a 4×4 tent offer greater versatility, allowing you to maximize yields in smaller spaces. 

A 4×4 tent is a standard size that can easily fit into many spaces within your home. The tent can accommodate different potted plants, including flowers and vegetables, for consumption, medicinal purposes, and several other uses. Installing the best LED grow light for 4×4 grow tent will also offer better energy-saving benefits to your indoor gardening activities. 

Apart from allowing your plants access to adequate light, installing the best LED grow light for a 4×4 tent can also improve your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. The lights come in a wide range of sizes, wattage, and color options. Today, you can even shop for a 4×4 grow light LED based on brand and price. 

Choosing the Best Grow Light for 4×4 tent 

Many options exist if you want to buy the best grow light for 4×4 tent. The variety of options can make it quite challenging to distinguish the best from the rest. And, that is why it is essential to know a few things about grow lights for a 4×4 tent before making any purchase. You may be wondering, what size grow light for 4×4 tent should you buy? 

Although seasoned growers recommend a 4×4 LED full spectrum grow light for flowering and vegetative growth, the choice of a grow light depends on various factors. For instance, the best grow light for 2×4 tent may need to deliver adequate light for growing plants in a 4×4 tent. So, what’s the best grow light for a 4×4 tent? 

Light type and wattage are vital factors when buying the best 4×4 grow light. LED grow lights vary in spectrum and wattage. The general assumption is that a higher wattage contributes to brighter lights and more heat. Lumens measure the lights’ brightness, usually indicated alongside the wattage output. For example, a 600W LED grow light can have an output of 210 x 4000, showing 210 watts of power draw and 4000 lumens. Therefore, consider it if you want to buy the best grow light for 4×4 tent.

While LED grow lights with a similar spectrum may be suitable for vegetative growth and early flowering, their intense heat could also burn your plants. Nonetheless, consider the types of plants to determine the best 4×4 tent grow light size. That is important because different types of plants require specific amounts of light to deliver the desired yields weekly or monthly. 

Although the best LED light for 4×4 grow tent can help you to cut electricity bills over time, you should be keen on the wattage or power consumption. Consider the best grow light for 4×4 tent reddit users recommend. And this should be a light that can provide proper lighting for your plants without consuming too much energy. Also, check the price to buy the best grow light for 4×4 tent that suits your budgetary estimates. 

Reviews of the Best Grow Lights for a 4×4 Tent 

While many options exist in the market, the following are the seven top-rated best grow lights for 4×4 tent. Each best grow light for 4×4 tent review offers a detailed description of the grow light, including its unique features and specifications to help you to choose the best grow light for 4×4 tent. 

1.     Spider Farmer SE 5000

The Spider Farmer SE 500 is a top pick for seasoned growers and gardening enthusiasts that want the best grow light for a 4×4 tent. It features an exquisite bar-style design with an output of 480 watts. Spider Farmers is among the most trusted brands in gardening products, meaning you can expect top-quality and more efficiency. The SE-5000 produces brighter light and uniform coverage. Its peak light intensity varies from 1300 micromoles at the center to 500-800 micromoles around the canopy. This is best grow light for 4×4 tent due to its ultraviolet and infrared diodes, the rare features that make it an incredible choice for growing top-shelf marijuana.  


  • Highly efficient bar design
  • Dimmable from 100% to 25% power
  • It emits full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, ultraviolet, infrared, and far red 660nm colors. 
  • Strong intensity readings 


  • The SE-5000 is a bit pricey 

2.     Timber LED Cypress 6 Grow Light 

The Timber LED Cypress 6 grow light is highly recommended for growers with more flexible budgets and desires high-strength grow lights for maximum yields. This next-gen grow light has a bar-style design and an output of 540 watts, making it the best grow light for 4×4 tent for most gardeners. It uses Samsung LED chips to illuminate the tent canopy with a white spectrum light that peaks at about 840 uMols at the center. The Timber LED Cypress 6 also ranks as the best light for 4 by 4 grow tent because you can easily hang it close to the plants without causing any harm to them. It is ideal for plants through all stages of growth, with dimmable adjustments from 10% to 100% light intensity. 


  • Durable and sturdy design 
  • Three spectrum options; 3000k, 3500k and 4000k
  • Highly intense light for maximum yields 
  • Energy efficient 


  • The price can be steep for some growers

3.     Maxsisun PB 4000

The Maxsisun PB 4000 is an excellent choice for growers who need the best inexpensive LED grow light for 4×4 tent. The grow light features a quantum board style design that gives it an exquisitely modern and simplistic appeal. It uses the same 400 watts as other enhanced models, such as Spider Farmer, but the grow light is not dimmable. Spectrum options include 3500k, 6500k, and 600nm red, offering your plants a full spectrum of light through all the growth stages.  


  • Great power output and coverage 
  • More affordable 
  • Three spectrum options; 3500k, 6000k and 600nm red 


  • You cannot dim the lights or remove the drivers 

4.     Mars Hydro TS-3000 LED Grow Light 

The Mars Hydro TS-3000 also boasts the best grow light for 4×4 tent, with a new and efficient design to wow every grower. It has a modern quantum board style design and intense light to illuminate a 4×4 grow tent or 5×5 ft growing space with vegetative plants. The grow light produces a light intensity of 450 watts, ideal for cannabis, but it can also support many other plants. It offers proper hanging equipment with extra chord length that allows you to hang it outside the tent, maintaining low temperatures inside the growing space. The grow light also features a dimmer for easy adjustments at different growth phases. 


  • High light intensity (PPFD) for better yields 
  • In-built timer for easy controls 
  • Two spectrum options; white light and infrared


  • The TS-300 does not have a veg/ bloom switch 
  • It lacks daisy chaining ability 

5.     Growealth 300W LED Grow Light 

The Growealth 300W LED grow light is one of the top sellers, also rated as the best grow light for 4×4 tent. The grow light features a 12-band spectrum with IR to ensure the proper growth of your plants from seedling to flowering. Besides, its advanced LED technology provides full-spectrum lighting for healthy photosynthetic responses, facilitating rapid growth and increased yields. While the Growealth grow light has a lower wattage than the other grow lights reviewed above, it can still provide adequate light for different plants in a 4 by 4 tent. 


  • Highly energy efficient 
  • It has four light modes, including full spectrum, UV, and infrared 
  • Durable construction 


  • Relatively lower light intensity, unsuitable for larger spaces 
  • It’s a bit pricey 

6.     Phlizon 2020 Pro Series LED Grow Light 

The Phlizon 2020 Pro Series is also an incredible choice for growers who need the best budget grow light for a 4×4 tent. It features an outstanding design with SMD lamp beads and 720pcs LED beams that ensure a large irradiation area to illuminate a 4 by 4 tent adequately. The grow light offers a complete cycle lighting solution for all indoor growing spaces, with tremendous energy-saving benefits. It also has a dimmer and spectrum options of 3000k, 6000k, and 660nm red LEDs. The Phlizon 2020 Pro Series also boasts durable construction and high water resistance. 


  • Large irradiation area for a 4 by 4 tent 
  • Great light-dimming features 
  • Durable construction and waterproof 


  • The lights can get too hot when used for longer cycles 

7.     Bloom Plus LED Grow Light 

The Bloom Plus LED grow light is another best grow light for 4×4 tent. It can deliver the best light for a 4×4 grow tent with the correct installation. It uses new high-yield LED technology to ensure significant energy savings while ensuring your plants have access to adequate light. The grow light consumes only 300 watts. This full-spectrum light also has options for dimming the intensity to your plants’ needs. Its infrared light can enable your plants to develop and bloom much faster. 


  • High energy efficiency 
  • Optimal full spectrum lighting 
  • Dimmable lights for all growth stages 


  • The grow lights can be too bright 
  • The Bloom Plus is a bit expensive 

Which is the Best Light for 4×4 tent?

Whether you want a 4×4 grow tent 1000W LED yield or even more extensive, the above guidelines and reviews provide great clues for choosing the best grow light for 4×4 tent. The grow lights reviewed above are among the top sellers that you should consider for your 4 by 4 indoor garden. While grow lights have many standard features and specs, a few disparities exist. Nonetheless, the best grow light for 4×4 tent should provide optimal full-spectrum light and versatility. The best grow light for 4×4 tent should also be affordable to buy and use due to reasonable energy consumption. Please follow these tips to buy the best grow light for 4×4 tent.


How big of a light do I need for a 4×4 grow tent?

Grow lights come in a wide range of sizes. However, the best size light for 4×4 grow tent should deliver about 32 watts per square footage. That translates to about 512 watts for a space measuring 4 by 4. You should consider grow lights with an output of between 500 to 650 watts. 

What is the best light for a grow tent?

It’s crucial to consider several factors when buying grow lights for raising plants in a tent, including the amount of space, plant type, light type, and wattage. Nonetheless, the best grow light for 4×4 tent should provide sufficient light to meet all your plants’ photosynthetic needs. Also, consider an energy-efficient LED grow light to save up on electricity costs. 

How many plants can fit in a 4×4 tent?

A 4 by 4 tent has adequate space to accommodate multiple plants under one roof. Seasoned growers recommend growing about 8 to 12 plants in a 4×4 tent. However, the tent can also cater to up to 16 plants per square meter if you grow SOG. 

How many lumens do I need for a grow tent?

Lumens refer to light intensity. That means more lumens will translate to a more robust and brighter light. Each light is usually labeled, so you can know the lumens before buying. Nevertheless, the best grow light for 4×4 tent should have an output of between 300 and 800 lumens per square foot. 

How far should 45-watt LED grow lights be from plants? 

LED grow lights should be placed at about 16-36 inches from the plant canopy during the flowering stage. Although putting the lights much closer to the plants can maximize photosynthesis, you should be careful not to burn them. Many grow lights have dimmers that you can also use to control the light intensity, so the plants don’t have exposure to excessive heat. 

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