Best Carbon Filters for Growing| Top 10 Picks

The best carbon filters for growing help you keep fresh air inside your grow tentsNo wonder many homeowners now cultivate vegetables, fruits, and flowers in their home or kitchen gardens. Planting crops in your garden minimizes the money you spend on groceries. 

Besides, it’s enjoyable to do, especially if you’re a gardening enthusiast. Unfortunately, you may notice some unpleasant smells from your grow room or tent after some time. And to keep the air inside your grow tents as clean as possible, you’ll have to install one of the best carbon filters for indoor growing. 

Having the correct air purification mechanism or the best carbon filters for growing is only part of it. You’ll have to undertake some other routine gardening tasks for the best outcomes to prevail. Even a gardener with every vital equipment at their disposal might not get the most decent harvests if they don’t do this. 

So, before we dig deeper, are carbon filters worth it? We’ll say yes because various crop cultivators already use them and are impressed with their effectiveness. Unlike smell neutralizers, using the best carbon filters for growing can’t harm your plants in any way. Moreover, carbon air filters boast incredible efficiency.

Succeeding With the Best Carbon Filters for Growing

You can achieve the ideal performance with the best carbon filters for growing, like any other machine, if you do everything correctly. For example, you must ask yourself these three critical questions when choosing the best carbon filter and fan for grow tent available in the market today.

How Should I Install My Carbon Air Filter For Growing?

If you don’t install it correctly, you may fail to achieve refined results even with the best carbon filter for 5×5 grow tent. You must fix the tubing tightly and clamp joints appropriately to ensure no air leaks. 

Also, the best carbon filters for growing will operate better if you install them above your grow room. Notably, some carbon air purifiers work well at the inlet of your grow tent, while others work at the outlet. So reading the instructions carefully before installing your device can give you the best user experience.  

How Can I Maintain My Carbon Filter?

The best carbon filters for growing require regular repair and maintenance to meet and even exceed your expectations. Nothing good can prevail if you don’t clean your filters whenever necessary and replace them at the right time. 

Cleaning the carbon material makes the best carbon filters for growing operate effectively, and exhaust as pure air as possible from your grow room. So even as you pick the best 6-inch carbon filter for grow tent, remember that regular cleanings and replacement of the carbon material after 1 to 2 years are vital for its top performance. 

What Size Carbon Filter Do I Need?

Size is one of the most critical questions any serious gardener should ask when choosing the best carbon filters for growing. You must know the size of your grow tent in cubic feet and the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating of the carbon air filter you intend to purchase. To determine your grow room’s size (volume), measure its length, height, and width in feet.

Therefore, size = length × width × height.

It’s a good practice to always pick the best carbon filter for a grow tent whose CFM rating is equal to or greater than your room size for ideal performance. That’s why the recommended carbon filter size information is essential. 

Reviews of the Best Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms?

No matter what you want to cultivate, you want an air purifier that will always make your grow tent fresh. Gardenterprise reviews the best carbon filters for growing to help you make a more informed decision. 

1.     The 4-Inch iPower Carbon Air Purifier

The 4-inch iPower Carbon air purifier tops the list of the best carbon filters for growing due to its unique capabilities. With diverse air purification capabilities, the 4″ iPower carbon filter can eliminate various substances from the air. For example, this iPower gardening equipment can remove substances like mold, odor, and mildew, thus keeping the air within your grow rooms extremely clean. Moreover, the 4-inch iPower carbon filter sits on a sturdy Aluminum base, which is lightweight and highly durable. The lightness makes this grow room air purifier one of the easiest to move around.

The other reason iPower is a good carbon filter grow box is its unparalleled efficiency. With an open-air design, this fantastic air purification machine for growing has excellent airflow characteristics. And this means the fresh air it produces every minute is beyond your grow tent’s average requirement. Additionally, you can forget about rampant filter replacements if you choose this product. That’s because it has a very reliable pre-filtration mechanism, which removes all significant air pollutants before reaching the delicate charcoal filter.

An iPower carbon filter is also incredibly versatile, a quality that makes it stand out among the best carbon filters for growing. For example, depending on your preferences, you can install it at the intake or exhaust line. Moreover, because of its reversible flange and base, you can quickly reverse the charcoal canister on a 4″ iPower carbon air purifier. Almost everyone who has ever used the 4-inch iPower carbon filter agrees that it’s one of the ideal options you can purchase for your grow rooms. 


  • It has a high air cleaning efficiency.
  • It has a pre-filtration mechanism that eliminates significant air pollutants before reaching the charcoal canister.
  • It is lightweight and effortless to move.
  • The reversible charcoal canister increases the filter’s durability.
  • It eliminates multiple air contaminants.
  • The charcoal canister has been compacted during packing to increase the amount of active carbon for maximum filtration. 


  • Even though suitable in numerous aspects, this carbon filter might give some people a headache to install. So you have to call a professional installer. 

2.     4-Inch VIVOSUN Carbon Filter (With 500 CFM)

You’re lucky if you’ve been looking for the best carbon filter for grow room 2023. The 4″ VIVOSUN carbon air filter boasts outstanding performance. But that’s not all that’s unique about this VIVOSUN product. The 4-inch VIVOSUN air purifying device for growing has one of the most extended lifespans. You can use it for quite some time before budgeting for a new unit. 

The other thing most indoor growers love about this machine is the design of its charcoal filter. One can reverse it after some time to regain efficiency, which can significantly increase the durability of the 4-inch VIVOSUN air filter. The other indisputable fact making this equipment one of the best carbon filters for growing is its unparalleled CFM value of 500. Therefore, cleaning the air even in larger grow tents with this carbon filter isn’t a problem. 

There’s nothing else indoor gardeners desperately need more than supremely pure air. You might want to try the 4″ VIVOSUN filter for your next project. It has two pre-filters that clean the incoming air before undergoing the final filtration in the charcoal carbon medium. And not only does this kind of arrangement multiply the efficiency, but it also lengthens the service life of the carbon filter by several months. 

The importance of the instructions manual to users needs to be recognized, even with the best carbon filters for growing. And with the simple instruction manual of the 4-inch VIVOSUN air cleaner, you can enjoy the installation process up to the last bit. Not to mention, VIVOSUN offers even larger air filter sizes, including the 6″ and 8″ options. 


  • A 500 CFM ensures more fresh air from the carbon filter at any time.
  • It comes with a simple user guide for seamless installation.
  • It offers top-notch efficiency due to its pre-filters. 
  • You can install it in various ways depending on one’s preferences.


  • It requires more frequent maintenance for the charcoal carbon filters to last.

3.     200 CFM Phresh Filter (4×12)

If you’re looking for decent airflow characteristics, the 4×12 Phresh Filter might be the ideal option for your indoor growing needs. With cubic feet per minute rating of 200, this carbon air purifier is perfect for most grow tent sizes. And no matter what plant filters the most carbon dioxide, the Phresh Filter is still one of the best carbon filters for growing in the market today. Phresh Filter is highly portable due to its lightweight and relatively smaller size.

Maximum efficiency is key to prospering with your indoor gardening efforts, and the best carbon filters for growing can help you achieve that. This 4×12 carbon filter has pre-filters, which clean the incoming air before the actual purification process. As a result, the charcoal carbon medium can serve you for several months before experiencing reduced efficiencies. 

The other reason Phresh Filter is one of the best carbon filters for growing is that it has washable pre-filters. And this keeps you out of troubles such as clogging the active carbon air filter. Moreover, you can get the correct size for your grow room because Phresh Filters come in various sizes. And you won’t struggle to sort out multiple parts before installation. That’s because the Phresh Filter parts always come correctly packed and labeled to streamline your work.


  • It provides maximum airflow due to a mesh filter design.
  • The washable pre-filters prevent clogging and make the carbon filter durable.
  • Various sizes are available to meet your specific demands.
  • All parts come correctly packed and labeled for easy sorting out during installation.
  • An impressive CFM of 200.


  • The carbon filter unit is relatively more expensive than most other carbon filters.

4.     TerraBloom

TerraBloom is an exceptional carbon filter designed for more than grow tents. For example, it can also purify the air for commercial and residential purposes. TerraBloom is one of the best carbon filters for growing because it uses high-grade Australian carbon for cleaning the air. Moreover, the carbon granules used in this air purifier are finer. And this creates room for packing more active carbon and pushes the efficiency to a higher league.

And if you doubt the quality and performance of the TerraBloom carbon air filter, there’s nothing to worry about since it has a 3-month warranty. Also, it might be your dream if you’ve ever wanted to use the best carbon filter for 4×4 grow tent.With a rate of up to 200 CFM, the TerraBloom air purifier is one of the ideal options for indoor growing.

Everyone feels much better if there’s some degree of flexibility to enjoy with the best carbon filters for growing. And TerraBloom carbon filters make your work easier by letting you decide whether to put them inside or outside your grow room. Notably, the unit supports air flow in both directions. As a result, you can use the TerraBloom air purifier as an intake or exhaust carbon filter. This excellent air-cleaning machine can serve your grow tent for up to two years, making it feature among the best carbon filters for growing. 


  • Its efficiency is in another league due to more refined carbon granules.
  • It supports air flow in both directions, meaning you can use it as an exhaust or intake carbon filter.
  • It works well when installed inside or outside the grow tent.
  • Its quality lasts.
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-months warranty.
  • It’s suitable for multiple uses.


  • It could make more noise if not carefully secured with a clamp.

5.     The 4-Inch Amagabeli Carbon Air Filter

The ultimate solution to all the bad smells and air impurities in your grow tent is here. The 4-Inch Amagabeli carbon air purifier is another excellent option for people looking for an ideal carbon air scrubber in 2023 and beyond. This fantastic air-cleaning device is handy if you want to keep your grow tent or overall compound fresh at all times. 

And like the other best carbon filters for growing, the 4″ Amagabeli boasts incredibly efficient pre-filters. A carbon filter design incorporating pre-filtration mechanisms is vital for a thorough air purification process. That’s why the air passing through this filter doesn’t contain common contaminants, such as dust particles and organic molecules.

Perhaps, you aren’t sure what size carbon filter for grow tent you need, but we can assure you that the 4″ Amagabeli option is ideal for various grow room sizes. To further simplify your life, this air purifier is remarkably portable. Additionally, it has the recommended outer cover design that maximizes airflow to ensure clean air in your grow tent. Notably, the 4-inch Amagabeli comes packed with virgin charcoal from Australia. As a result, it attains air cleaning efficiencies, second to no other carbon air filter. That’s why it features in this list of the best carbon filters for growing.


  • It offers superior air cleaning efficiency.
  • It has an excellent mesh design that allows maximum air intake for cleaning.
  • It has pre-filters that maximize the lifespan of the delicate charcoal carbon filter.
  • It eliminates numerous contaminants from the air, including odor, organic molecules, and dust particles. 
  • Pocket-friendly prices.


  • It might be inconvenient to use in tiny grow tents. 

6.     The 4-Inch DACURYSSO

The 4-Inch DACURYSSO carbon air filter features unique functionalities, making one of the best carbon filters for growing. It utilizes active carbon to relieve your growing tent of pungent smells and odors. The DACURYSSO 4″ air purifier is one of the best carbon filters for growing that can give you peace of mind while enjoying your gardening experience. This device can survive even some of the harshest environmental conditions. 

For instance, the 4-Inch DACURYSSO carbon filter would still operate as usual even if its temperature rose to 400 degrees Celsius. And even environmental temperatures ranging from -20 to 65 degrees Celsius won’t cause any significant problems. 

In addition, it can also serve as the best carbon filter for 2×4 grow tent or any space that’s a little wider. The coal-based activated carbon and other purification materials the DACURYSSO air filter uses make it incredibly friendly to the environment. Therefore, you can give your hydroponics rooms or indoor grow tents decent smells without hurting your surrounding.

Regarding performance, the 4-Inch DACURYSSO is among the best carbon filters for growing due to its two replaceable pre-filters. These pre-filters ensure that not even larger particles escape the purification process. Moreover, the activated coal-based carbon for this air filter boasts unparalleled efficiency. You can worry about other stuff as DACURYSSO handles the air quality in your grow rooms.


  • It has excellent efficiency.
  • It provides impressive endurance to very high temperatures.
  • It’s highly energy efficient. 
  • It produces clean air due to its double pre-filters.
  • It has fantastic airflow.


  • It requires a consistent power supply to operate. You’ll need to organize a backup in case of an outage.

7.     The10″ Bimiti Carbon Purifier

No matter what size carbon filter for grow room you prefer, you will consider the 10-Inch Bimiti air purifier among the best carbon filters for growing. This carbon filter has various latest technology features to make your indoor cultivation experience breathtaking and unforgettable. For instance, it has an activated charcoal medium, which enables it to attain unbelievably high levels of operational efficiency. There’s just no odor you can’t eliminate with the 10″ Bimiti carbon filter because its performance is top-notch. 

Another reason this Bimiti product is one of the best carbon filters for growing is its outstanding design. For instance, it features inner and outer meshes that ensure maximum air flows into the filter for purification at any time. Additionally, you can use the 10-inch Bimiti carbon filter in two different ways. Depending on your grow tent’s design, you can configure it as an exhaust or intake filter. 

This carbon filter’s manufacturer never let any vital factors out of its consideration. And to ensure that you use just one filter from planting to harvesting season, the Bimiti air purifier for growing was designed to last. That’s because it uses galvanized steel, which is both sturdy and impressive in appearance. But that’s not everything. Installing this carbon filter is straightforward, thereby saving users much time.


  • It has more than one application, which includes an exhaust or intake filter.
  • It has impeccable filtration efficiency.
  • It uses galvanized steel, which makes it reliably durable.
  • It provides outstanding airflow for maximum efficiency.
  • It has an ideal capacity for most grow rooms.
  • It’s straightforward to install.


  • It has few online reviews 

8.     The 8-Inch AC Infinity Carbon Purifier

If you’re interested in the best carbon filter for a grow tent, this robust AC infinity product might be your ultimate savior. Equipped with a unique design clothed pre-filter, the 8″ AC Infinity carbon air filter is among the most recommended options for your grow tents or hydroponics rooms. Moreover, it boasts a CFM of up to 770, making it one of the fastest and most efficient carbon air purifiers on the market today. 

The AC Infinity carbon filter is the lasting solution to all chemicals suspended in the air and odors generated in your grow rooms. This carbon air filter gives you a unique opportunity to conceal what you do in your compound. Yes, you won’t hear your neighbors or loved ones complaining about bad smells. And not to mention, the 8-Inch AC Infinity carbon filter features a heavy-duty flange made of Aluminum to ensure portability and an extended service lifespan.

As one of the best carbon filters for growing, this AC Infinity carbon air cleaning machine can guarantee consistent effectiveness throughout the growing period. And based on your ventilation needs, you can install this 8-Inch carbon purifier as an exhaust filter or an intake one and still obtain desired outcomes. What’s more, this device can let you forget frequent filter failures because it uses Australian-sourced virgin charcoal that can withstand repeated usage and still perform excellently.


  • It removes many other substances from the air besides odors.
  • It offers unrivaled effectiveness.
  • It has an extended service lifespan.
  • The clothed pre-filter is an assurance of thorough air purification.
  • It’s packed with virgin charcoal from Australia, effectively cleaning the air.


  • The clothed pre-filter might need multiple cleanings under intensive usage. 

9.     4-Inch Flexzion Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter

If you’re interested in the best carbon filter for grow room 2023, you should check out the 4″ Flexzion carbon air purifier. It’s a great air filter for growing tents and indoor plants. The 4-Inch Flexzion Hydroponic air cleaner derives its efficiency from two main things. First, this carbon filter uses activated charcoal, thus making it one of the most superior odor-neutralizing devices in use today. 

The 4″ Flexzion carbon air scrubber has an effective pre-filter and activated charcoal, which enables it to attain efficiencies rivaled by no other device. Anyone using this excellent air purifier can choose from various options. These include; exhaust fans, online fans, vent duct hoses, and air ducts, among others. The best carbon filters for growing are renowned for superior durability, and the 4-Inch Flexzion Hydroponic carbon filter isn’t an exception.

This device allows you to reverse filtration seamlessly, making it possible to use it as an exhaust or intake air scrubber. Everything depends on what you intend to achieve or what’s available in your hydroponics room or growing tents. And finally, the 4-inch Flexzion carbon air filter has an airflow rate of 236 CFM. And this makes it one of the best carbon filters for growing plants in standard grow room sizes. 


  • It integrates well with most fan options to streamline your operations.
  • It has a pre-filter that protects the carbon filter, lengthening its durability.
  • It provides fantastic performance under all environmental conditions.
  • A CFM of 236 is ideal for most grow tent sizes and designs.


  • This carbon air scrubber costs more than other options.

10.The 4-Inch AC Infinity Carbon Odor Remover

The 4″ AC Infinity air cleaner is a three-in-one device designed to offer you the best experience at all times. For example, you can use it as a ventilator, a cooling machine, or an odor remover from your grow tent air. One of the factors making the 4-Inch AC Infinity carbon filter one of the best carbon filters for indoor growing is its CLOUDLINE LITE fan. The fan is unique and allows users to set speeds to favorable levels. But not only does the CLOUDLINE LITE fan enables you to control speed, but it also ensures the maximum efficiency of this air purifier.

Forget about odors in your growing room because this tool prevents them perfectly. The flexible ducting connections make this AC Infinity product feature among the best carbon filters for growing. These ensure easy installation and stress-free handling of the carbon filter while, at the same time, protecting the ducting connects against physical damage. Moreover, the 4-Inch AC Infinity carbon filter package comes with all the vital components to curb additional spending and save you time.

This air scrubber is much quieter, creating a more conducive work environment. That’s because it’s possible to reduce the fan’s speed to lower but adequate levels. Another remarkable thing that makes it stand out among the best carbon filters for growing is its clothed pre-filter. This addition gives the carbon filter an incredibly decent efficiency, thus assuring you of fresh air throughout the day. And this attribute makes it one of the best carbon filters for growing.


  • It runs quietly.
  • It provides excellent air filtering effectiveness. 
  • It has a more flexible and sturdy ducting connection.
  • It comes with all essential components.
  • It has an adjustable fan speed to attain desired outcomes.
  • It’s long-lasting.


  • The components require frequent maintenance for ideal performance.

These are the best carbon filters for growing in the current market. However, assess your requirements carefully to pick the best carbon filters for growing. And to obtain the best outcomes, you must regularly repair and maintain your unit. Also, choosing the correct carbon filter size will simplify your work significantly.


How do I choose a carbon filter?

Consider your grow rooms’ size to choose the best carbon filters for growing. That way, you can ensure your filter’s CFM value is lower or equal to your grow room’s CMF value and the exhaust fan’s. Also, ensure that your choice is durable even if you’ll have to pay more for it. 

Is it better to push or pull air through a carbon filter?

Pulling or pushing air through the best carbon filters for growing depends on the pump at your disposal. But overall, either of the options will work well if the pump you’re using is reliable and robust enough. 

Do carbon filters work for grow rooms?

The best carbon filters for growing work for grow rooms, allowing numerous people to grow crops in their compounds with minimal or no side effects. They can work in your grow rooms too.

What carbon filter size do I need for my grow room?

The right size for the best carbon filters for growing depends on the room’s size. Therefore, you ideally want something equal to or slightly above your room size. For instance, if your grow room is 250 cubic feet, you’ll need a carbon filter with 250 CFM or higher for outstanding performance. 

What makes the best carbon filter for a grow room?

The best carbon filter for growing should be efficient, durable, not too noisy, and easy to install. Notably, the right option should meet your grow room size requirements.

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